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Sibbald Point

Fire Bans

There is a partial fire ban -

Sibbald Point Provincial Park has issued a Fire Restriction, no fires between 10am and 7pm.

The campfire must be in a designated fire pit

·         The campfire must be monitored at all times

·         The campfire must be extinguished completely before leaving

·         There must be a means of extinguishing the fire readily available

Boil Water Advisory

No boil water advisory at this time

There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting

No beach posting at this time

There is no beach posting at this time.

Beach Sampling Results

Beach Name Sample Date Results (E.Coli / 100ml)
Main Beach July 10, 2018 35
Full listing of all beaches

Park Advisories

There are currently no park notices/advisories for this park.