Ontario Parks

Board of Directors

Ontario Parks Board of Directors


The Board provides advice on planning, management and development of the provincial park system, including, but not limited to, such items as development of annual business plans, marketing strategies, strategic plans, capital development programs, and fees, engagement and increased public awareness of the Ontario Parks system and to advise on other matters such as policy and program direction as requested by the Minister.

Agency Accountability

Under the Agencies and Appointments Directive and the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, provincial agencies are required to post their governance documents. These include business plans, annual reports and expense information for designated individuals. Individuals at provincial agencies can claim and be reimbursed for necessary travel, meal and hospitality expenses they pay for during the course of ordinary work. They need to follow strict rules, outlining what can be repaid with public funds and what maximum amounts can be claimed. All claims must include original receipts. Under the Agencies and Appointments Directive and the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, provincial agencies are required to post their governance documents. These include expense information for designated individuals.

Ontario Parks Board of Directors Expense Report


The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints a Chair and from six to twelve members. Board members are volunteers but do receive compensation for travel expenses. The Board strives to maintain a diverse membership representing a variety of interests and geographic regions.

Recent Projects:

  • Input on the policy proposal on cottage leases in Algonquin Provincial Park
  • Input on the policy proposal on cottage leases in Rondeau Provincial Park
  • Input on the policy proposal for changes to Ontario Parks Phase Out Policy
  • Preparation of a Joint Proposal with the Algonquin Forest Authority Board for Lightening The Ecological Footprint of Logging in Algonquin Park (PDF).


Ken Phillips – Chair

Ken Phillips (Chair) is semi-retired after a 25-year career with Ontario’s conservation authorities. He served as the Chief Administrative Officer for Conservation Halton, the General Manager of the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority and held operational field positions with the Hamilton and Niagara conservation authorities. He has chaired numerous committees during his career at both the local and provincial level in areas such as environmental education, health and safety, and parks operations. He helped to foster the Cootes to Escarpment Eco-Park project as Vice-Chair of a multi-stakeholder group. He has a life-long commitment to environmental recreational spaces and education. Ken received his Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (honours) degrees from McMaster University and currently resides in the greater city of Hamilton.

David Edgar

David Edgar is a retired master plumber and licenced in four other related trades. He served 25 years in municipal politics as a councillor and reeve of Prince Township and for 20 years as a board member of The Regional Conservation Authority. He is a long time advocate for the protection of our Great Lakes and Rivers Systems and while as a member Of The Saint Mary’s River Advisory Board we were successful in having the river declared a Canadian Heritage river. David and his wife are nature enthusiasts and are aware of the need for all Canadians to respect and protect are valuable natural resources.

Don Huff

Don Huff was born and raised in Northern Ontario. He currently resides in Toronto and is the owner of a media relations and strategic counsel consultancy which specializes in environment and energy issues. Increasingly his work has a significant First Nations component. Don travels extensively throughout Ontario for business and pleasure.

Julia Madden

Julia Madden is a parks and recreation professional with over 20 years’ experience. She holds a degree in park and recreation management and a Masters in Business Administration. Ms. Madden has been a member of the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park Management Advisory Board since 2006 and Acting Chair since 2012. Her past volunteer work has included the Lake of Bays Tourism Task Force and the Muskoka Trails Advisory Committee.

Earlene Worrall

Earlene Worrall has over 20 years of strategic business leadership experience, with a focus on brand-building marketing and breakthrough innovation. As Vice President, Healthcare Practice Lead with In-sync Strategy, she works with pharmaceutical clients in North America and globally to uncover human-centric insights, apply innovative strategies to address business challenges, and ultimately improve the lives of patients. Earlene has served on various Boards of Directors over the years. She considers the Ontario Parks Board an exceptionally strong fit given her passion for enjoying the beauty of nature when cycling, kayaking and hiking - often while camping with her family at various Ontario Provincial Parks.

Current Membership:

Board of Directors
Ken Phillips – Chair
David Edgar, Goulais River
Don Huff, Toronto
Julia Madden
Earlene Worrall, Unionville

Term: Board members serve a term of three years and may be reappointed for additional terms.

Meetings: The board meets at least four times a year or as required. Meeting locations are rotated to allow the Board to become familiar with parks and issues across the province.

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