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What You'll Like :

  • Tranquil and wild, this retreat on Little Vermilion Lake offers a sandy beach and good swimming
  • Fantastic fishing for Smallmouth Bass
  • Park lakes link to several major northern canoe routes
  • A small, quiet park where reservations are not required

General Information

(807)737-2033 summer
(807)223-7535 winter
Size: 2630.55 ha
Year established: 1963
Park Classification: Natural Environment
Box 730, 479 Government Street
P8N 2Z4

2018 Operating Dates


To see 2019 operating dates please view full parks listing.

Park / Campground Usage (day use, camping, etc.) Opening and Closing
Ojibway May 18, 2018 to September 3, 2018
Lifejacket lending program