Ontario Parks

Reservations - Penalties

The penalties range from 10% to 50% of the cost of cancelled nights (a minimum fee applies). The highest penalty - 50% - will apply if you book five months in advance and cancel at the last minute.


In response to customer complaints reservation penalties were put in place to ensure that campers do not make reservations with no intention of staying the full number of days they are booked. This practice ties up a campsite longer than necessary, effectively blocking other campers from booking it and resulting in fewer sites being available for reservations - particularly for long term stays during the busy months of July and August.

Campsite Reservation Cancellation/Change & Refund Policy

A minimum fee of $10.50 (call centre) or $8.50 (internet) applies to all changes or cancellations. Cancellations and changes to the arrival date must be made before 12:00 noon (Eastern Time) on the day of arrival or a “no show” fee will be applied. A “no show” will result in the reservation being cancelled and a penalty of the first night’s fee (B - Middle, Non-electrical without showers for backcountry), plus the applicable percentage penalty charge will be applied. If you cancel your reservation or shorten your stay a 10 to 50 per cent penalty charge will apply to the full value of the number of nights being shortened or cancelled. The percentage is based on how long your reservation has been held. This does not include the non-refundable reservation fee. For example, if your reservation has been held for one month or less, a penalty of 10 percent will apply; more than one month and up to two months - 20 per cent etc. to a maximum of 50 per cent (five months). The following chart outlines the escalating penalties.

How long has your reservation been held from the time of booking?
1 month or less 10% No Show 1 night + 10% of cancelled nights Please note: A reservation cannot be changed or cancelled more than four(4) months in advance of your arrival date.
Greater than 1 month, up to 2 months 20% No Show 1 night + 20% of cancelled nights
Greater than 2 months, up to 3 months 30% No Show 1 night + 30% of cancelled nights
Greater than 3 months, up to 4 months 40% No Show 1 night + 40% of cancelled nights
Greater than 4 months 50% No Show 1 night + 50% of cancelled nights

**Campers who cancel their reservation or change their arrival date after 12 noon (Eastern Time) on the day of arrival will be charged the “no show” fee. A “no show” will result in the loss of one night’s campsite fee, plus any date changes resulting in a shorter stay or full cancellation of a reservation will be subject to a percentage refund on the cancelled nights based on how long the reservation has been held. A minimum fee of $10.50 (call centre) or $8.50 (internet) applies to all changes or cancellations. Example #1 Booking made on January 13 for arrival June 13:

  • If cancelled/changed on February 13 (earliest possible date to make a change/cancellation due to four month cancellation/change restriction), a 10% penalty applies, for one day only
  • If cancelled/changed from February 14-March 13, a 20% penalty applies
  • If cancelled/changed from March 14-April 13, a 30% penalty applies
  • If cancelled/changed from April 14-May 13, a 40% penalty applies
  • If cancelled/changed from May 14-June 13 (noon), a 50% penalty applies

Example #2 Booking made on April 5 for arrival on June 24

  • If cancelled/changed from April 5-May 5, a 10% penalty applies
  • If cancelled/changed from May 6-June 5, a 20% penalty applies
  • If cancelled/changed from June 6-June 24 (noon), a 30% penalty applies

Example #3 Booking made on June 5 for arrival on July 1 If cancelled/changed from June 5-July 1 (noon), a 10% penalty applies Campers with reservations who shorten their stay after arriving at the park will no longer receive a full refund at the 20 most popular provincial parks. Campers who shorten their stay at all other parks will continue to receive a full refund. Reservation customers will be refunded 50% for any unused camping nights. This policy applies at the following locations: Algonquin Arrowhead Awenda Balsam Lake Blue Lake Bon Echo Charleston Lake Grundy Lake Killarney Killbear Long Point MacGregor Point Pinery Point Farms Port Burwell Presqu’ile Sandbanks Sauble Falls Sleeping Giant Rushing River Example: Let’s say you have a campsite for a 5-night stay at Killarney in June. The cost is $40.50/night - but at the last minute, you decided to stay for just 3 nights. You will pay a penalty of $40.50 ($40.50/night x 2 unused nights x 50%). The non-refundable reservation fee ($13.00 call centre or $11.00 internet) will continue to apply to all reservations, with a minimum penalty of $10.50 (call centre) or $8.50 (internet) for changes or cancellations.

Reservation Extensions

A change fee will not be charged to extend a reservation.

Roofed Accommodation (Rustic Cabins, Cottages and Lodges)

Reservation Deposits Rustic Cabin and Cottage reservations for dates between the 3rd Friday in June to Labour Day require a 100% payment of camping fees when the reservation is made, with the balance due upon arrival. Reservations for all other dates require full payment of camping fees when the reservation is made. For Algonquin’s backcountry cabins full payment is required when the reservation is made. When you arrive, a security deposit ranging from $100.00 - $500.00 will apply (a credit card deposit will be accepted). The security deposit will be refunded upon checkout, subject to inspection of the accommodations. This policy excludes Algonquin interior cabins with the exception of Rain Lake, Brent and Kiosk cabins.

Interior Reservations

Reservation Deposits Reservations for interior campsites will require a deposit of $50.00, in addition to the non-refundable reservation fee. At Quetico a $100.00 deposit plus the non-refundable reservation fee will be required at the time of the reservation. For Kawartha Highlands, full payment plus the non-refundable reservation fee will be required at the time of the reservation.

Reservation Cancellation/Change & Refund Policy Examples

Example - Reservation Cancellation Three night reservation for period July 1, 2011 to July 4, 2011 booked on February 1st

Shorten or Cancel on or Before 01-Apr-11 01-May-11 01-June-11 01-Jul-11
Will Result in a Penalty of 20% 30% 40% 50%
Maximum Penalty Amount $22.05 $33.06 $44.10 $55.13
3 night booking @ $36.75 = $110.25

Example - Early Departure (from the 20 listed provincial parks) Reservation customer leaves five nights early. Initial payment of $183.75 (five x $36.75). Penalty $91.88 (50%) $91.88 (five x $36.75 times 50%) Plus $13.00 (call centre) or $11.00 (internet) non-refundable reservation fee Example - No Show Reservation customer contacts the park at 9:00 am the day following their expected arrival date and advises that they will not be honouring their reservation. Initial reservation payment of $69.75 (three x $23.25) and the reservation has been held for greater than two months, up to three months. Penalty $58.80 Refund of $51.45 [$110.25 - $25.80 (one night’s accommodation + 30% of the remaining nights)] Example - Name Change Reservation customer requests the name in which the reservation has been made be changed to a different name. Penalty $10.50 (call centre) or $8.50 (internet) minimum penalty regardless of how long the reservation has been held

Campsite & Park Availability - Internet Tools

If you wish to visit a particular park, complete the reservation details under “Getting Started” and then click on “On a Map”, “On a List” or “On a Calendar” to check campsite availability. If you are searching for a new park to visit, you may wish to choose your destination from a map of Ontario. Choose “Browse Maps” for this feature. Once you select the region you would like to visit, you will be directed to a regional map of parks that accept reservations. Click on the park icon to view campground maps. Ontario Parks also sets aside a minimum of 15% of the total number of sites at a park for customers without reservations. These are available on a first come first served basis.