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August 22, 2018
Attention Wabakimi Interior Paddlers;

Currently Wabakimi is experiencing forest fire activity to the west of Kenoji Lake. This fire is THU 052 and is approx 1500ha. Because of this and the potential for increased smoke in the area, all routes leading into Kenoji Lake are closed to backcountry travel.
• The smoke generated by the fires is dependent on the direction of wind relative to the fire.
• The fire is being monitored daily and conditions may change related to weather and fuel types.
• New starts are always a possibility during fire season.
• Paddling on closed routes is in violation of O.Reg 347/07, Sec 8(1)(2) pursuant to Provincial Park Conservation and Reserves Act (PPCRA)

Closures will remain in effect until it is determined risk to human safety has been minimized.

The following lakes are CLOSED to backcountry paddlers
Kenoji Lake
Little Scragg Lake
Palisade River leading into the north end of Kenoji Lake.

For the most current sizes and fire location please visit

Canoeists please consider:
Paddling through a recent burnt area can be a very unique experience as new boreal forest growth emerges.
Please ensure your safety. BE PREPARED. Fire activity and potential for new fire starts exists, the forest fire threat is real.

To ensure a safe and successful trip if accessing opened routes
• Stay off the CLOSED routes.
• Keep situational awareness at all times and be aware of the potential for new fire starts and be prepared to end your trip early if fire threatens your safety.
• SPOT – SOS is not an exit strategy, that is a last resort.
• Know where you are on a map so you understand your relationship towards the fires.
• Communication is highly recommended to ensure contact if required (InReach device, satellite phone, SPOT unit etc)
• Situational awareness – watch the weather/winds/clouds/smoke direction
• Do not explore towards an active fire to “get a closer look”
• Ensure someone knows your route.
• Fires have the potential to move very fast.
• Select a safe campsite – use the lake as a natural boundary between you and the fire.

Do not hesitate to contact the park for additional information about paddling safety within Wabakimi Provincial Park.

What You'll Like :

  • World-class wilderness canoeing, including over 2,000 kilometres of lake and river routes and some excellent whitewater
  • Remote wilderness with opportunities for wildlife viewing and sport fishing
  • Legendary fishing for walleye and northern pike; fly-in backcountry lodges and resorts
  • The lands within and around Wabakimi are the traditional areas for several Indigenous communities; the park has a long cultural history

General Information

(807) 473-3031
Size: 892061.00 ha
Year established: 1983
Park Classification: Wilderness
c/o Ministry of Natural Resources
435 James Street S., Suite #221d
Thunder Bay
P7E 6S8

2018 Operating Dates


Park / Campground Usage (day use, camping, etc.) Opening and Closing
Wabakimi January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
Northwest Wilderness Quest