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Alerts and Advisories as of: June 25, 2021

Fire Bans

No firebans at this time

There are no fire restrictions at this time.

Boil Water Advisory

No boil water advisory at this time

There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Postings

A "posting" is an indication of elevated bacteria levels in the water, not intended as an indication of operational status.

Beach Name Sample Date Posted
Beach 1 June 14, 2021 No beach posting at this time
Beach 2 June 16, 2021 No beach posting at this time
Beach 3 June 14, 2021 No beach posting at this time
Beach 4 June 14, 2021 No beach posting at this time
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Park Advisories

1 Day Use access to the beach areas will be restricted as the current high water level of Georgian Bay has resulted in a large reduction in the width and quality of dry beach areas in the park. Beach 1 is the largest remaining beach but is considerably narrower than in past years. On shore winds will and do completely eliminate the Pet Beach, and Beaches 2 and 4. There are no alternative beach areas for pets.
2 Some rentals operations may be available at the park. Please check with the park directly to see what is available before visiting.
3 Be advised that there is a significant population of Gypsy Moth at Awenda in the spring of 2021. Caterpillars of this non- native alien species are currently in their second or third growth phase (in-star). Caterpillars have a dark hairy appearance when younger and a develop a series five pairs of blue dots and seven pairs of red dots on their upper or dorsal surface. Hairs (or setae) are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. The result will be a poison ivy- like rash and a series of itchy raised welts. As a precaution wear long sleeves or wash any exposed skin after contact. Caterpillars hang down on a spider- like thread when they are smaller dispersing to other feeding trees but often accidentally come in contact with people. Be sure to check any younger children for these accidental hitch-hiker and remove all caterpillars from clothing or skin. The impact of Gypsy Moth is predicted to be less severe this spring- summer as a result of a parasitic fungi and fly as well as a virus which attack and kill the insect in its caterpillar phase.