South Bay

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This L-shaped tract on the shore of the South Bay of Lake Nipissing, has many interesting geological features. The area is on the Frontenac axis, a southward extension of the Canadian Shield that passes through Kingston, the Thousand Islands, and into New York State. Geologically, the area is known as the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield. It contains examples of neohelikiam muscovite, a thinly layered rock of the mica family, and quartz and biotite gnesisses.

Park Facilities and Activities: The park has no visitor facilities. Recreational activities include swimming, fishing, boating and hiking.

Location: Twenty-five kilometres south of North Bay, near the town of Nipissing. Access is via water of Lake Nipissing Road from Highway 654.

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General Information
(705) 729-2010
Size: 1525.00 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Recreational

P0H 2R0
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