Pokei Lake/ White River Wetlands

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Pokei Lake White River Wetlands Provincial Park is a representative natural heritage area within the southern Boreal forest. The park is located within the Canadian Precambrian Shield. The bedrock relief is generally low and is comprised of broad hills and domes on which exposed bedrock is not extensive. includes a variety of wetlands types, including marsh, fen and swamps. Open aquatic marshes are found in backwater ponds which occur at intervals along the river’s edge, and connect to it by short channels.

Location: Approximately 15 kilometres southeast of the town of White River and five kilometres south of Highway 17 along the White River.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
(705) 856-2284
Size: 1768.00 ha
Year established: 2000
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
P.O. Box 267
P0S 1K0
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