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Beattie Pinery Provincial Park

Alerts and Advisories as of: December 6, 2023

AlertFire Bans

There is a fire ban Beattie Pinery is a Day-Use Only, ALL fires are PROHIBITED at ALL times.

Effective 12:00 PM Wednesday, June 07, 2023 charcoal/wood-burning barbecues are not permitted during a fire ban.
Portable gas/propane/naphtha stoves or barbecues with a shut-off control valve are permitted.

What is allowed during a fire ban:
- portable gas or propane cooking stoves
- portable liquid-fuel cooking stoves
- propane barbecues

What's not allowed during a fire ban:
- campfires
- charcoal or wood barbecues
- biomass stoves
- candles
- torches
- propane fire pits or bowls

Boil Water Advisory

Beach Postings


Park Advisories

There are currently no park notices/advisories for this park.