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Algonquin Provincial Park - Brent Campground


More than 260 bird species have been recorded in the park. Many southern and overseas birders make special trips to Algonquin just to see northern specialties such as the Gray Jay and the Spruce Grouse, not to mention the rich variety of warblers or Algonquin’s most famous bird of all—the Common Loon, found nesting on just about every lake.


Outboard motors are limited to 20 hp on Cedar Lake. A boat launch is located in the campground.


Campers at the Brent Campground can enjoy a day paddle on Cedar Lake. This lake is also the starting point for a number of interior canoe routes through the park.


Cedar Lake has good Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass and walleye fishing opportunities.

Fish Stocking List for Algonquin Provincial Park — 2013 to 2018


Brent Crater Trail - 2 km (1.5 hours) strenuous
The Brent Crater was formed when a meteorite crashed to earth thousands of years ago. From a wooden observation tower overlooking the crater, the trail descends to the crater floor, before looping back to the starting point. Eight interpretive sites relate some of the geological and historical significance of this unique feature.


Hunting in this park is subject to the Ontario Hunting Regulations. Certain restrictions apply. For more information, contact the park or your local area or a Ministry of Natural Resources office.


Like all lakes in Algonquin, Cedar Lake is clean, clear and inviting for swimming.