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mattagamiriverbeachandaeoliandeposit Provincial Park


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Please note: Availability of some facilities and activities may be restricted to specific areas of the park, may be ecologically dependent, or may be seasonally weather dependent.

General Information

Regional Health Unit for this Park: Porcupine Health Unit



Size: 164.00 ha

Year established: 2003

Park Classification: Nature Reserve


5520 Highway 101 East, P.O. Bag 3080
South Porcupine, ON
P0N 1H0

Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve

What You'll Like:

The bedrock of Mattagami River Beach and Aeolian Deposit Provincial Park is in the northeast extremity of the Quetico Subprovince, in the Archean Superior Province. Information on the surficial geology of this park is limited. The Quaternary glacial deposits of the park are likely late Wisconsinan in age. This nature reserve is dominated by black spruce and black spruce-larch conifer swamps on shallow organic deposits which overlie glaciomarine deltaic sediments. Six significant landform/vegetation representations are known to occur within this park. These include dense coniferous forest, mixed forest (mainly deciduous), and sparse deciduous forest on glaciomarine deposits. Wetland representations within the park include open fen, treed bog (conifer swamp), and dense coniferous forest on thin organic deposits which cover glaciomarine drift.

Location: Aapproximately 100 kilometres north of the Town of Kapuskasing and four kilometres north of Smoky Falls.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available.