Blind River

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Blind River Provincial Park is a popular canoeing destination and includes portions of two documented canoe routes. The Flack Lake Figure Eight route (63km) and the Dunlop Lake – Mace Lake Route (42km) Blind River. In addition to canoeing, summer recreation activities include boating, camping, fishing, hunting, wildlife/landscape viewing and nature appreciation. The headwaters contribute cold water that supports a self-sustaining population of brook trout. The river and lake shoreline include wetlands, large islands, a scenic canyon and a falls at the inlet to Matienenda Lake.

Location: Blind River Provincial Park includes about 75 km of the Blind River and its tributaries, starting about 40 km north of the town of Blind River.

Park Facilities: There are private lodges, camps, and outposts.

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General Information
(705) 865-2021
Size: 5402.00 ha
Year established: 2002
Park Classification: Waterway
c/o Chutes Provincial Park
660 Imperial Street North
P.O. Box 37,
P0P 1P0
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