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Ontario Parks

Tips, Tricks and Gear

Tips & Tricks

If you’re trekking, remember that you’ll be carrying everything with you, so weigh your options (literally!) when making decisions about whether to bring that cast iron pan.

Bring at least three fire-starting methods, and keep them all in separate packs. This will reduce the likelihood of losing or soaking all of them. If possible, keep your lighters and matches sealed in a dry sack, and spread them out among your different packs.

PRO TIP: If you run out of ice (or are travelling without a cooler), place your sealed drinks into a mesh bag, secure the cord, and let them sit in the lake for a bit to chill. You can also tuck your drinks into wet sand on shore. Always rinse your drinks with clean water before drinking.

Leave your wood someplace dry overnight, just in case it rains. Wrap it in a tarp, put it in the trunk of your car or stash it under your canoe!

If you end up with extra wood, leave it behind. It shouldn’t leave the park with you anyway, and if you tuck it under a picnic table to stay dry, another traveller will be happy to enjoy it later.

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