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Ontario Parks

Tips, Tricks and Gear

Building a Fire

For a video tutorial, go to our Learn to Camp page.

The Basics

Bring at least 3 fire starting methods such as matches or lighters. Keep them all in separate packs, this will reduce the likelihood of losing or soaking them all.

Always build your campfires in a designated fire pit or ring. Ensure that the area around your fire is clear from brush, or other fuels that could catch fire. Use rocks or wood to protect your fire from the winds that may blow it out or cause it to spread.

Firewood must be purchased locally or at the park office to ensure invasive species are not transported around the parks system.

Tips and Tricks

  • Burning paper and cardboard is an efficient way to reduce leftover packaging material and makes excellent tinder to start your fire.
  • Cooking is best performed over the heat of well-established fire or bed of coals.
  • Different foods require different cooking temperatures, always be aware of how hot your cooking surface is before placing food on it.
  • Douse your campfire with water thoroughly after use. Hot coals are able to hold a lot of heat, even long after the fire has died down. Make sure you drench them well when you’re done enjoying your fire. Even if you are going to use it again the next morning, make sure it’s out before you go to bed.
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