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Roofed Accommodation Fees - 2018

Fees effective from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Yurts - StandardBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightAlgonquin - Achray, Algonquin - Mew Lake, Bon Echo, Charleston Lake, Killarney, MacGregor Point, Pancake Bay, Pinery, Silent Lake, Windy Lake$86.00$11.18$97.18
Rustic CabinsBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightAlgonquin Backcountry Cabins(minimum)$55.00$7.15$62.15
Per NightAlgonquin Backcountry Cabins(maximum)$119.00$15.47$134.47
Per NightBon Echo - Cabin on the Hill$150.00$19.50$169.50
Per WeekBon Echo - Cabin on the Hill$1050.00$136.50$1,186.50
Per NightBonnechere (off season)$102.50$13.33$115.83
Per WeekBonnechere (peak season - June 16 - September 1, 2018)$678.50$88.21$766.71
Per NightQuetico - Winter Retreat, Log Cabin, Ojibway Cabin$86.00$11.18$97.18
Per NightSleeping Giant$150.00$19.50$169.50
Per WeekSleeping Giant$1128.05$146.65$1,274.70
CottagesBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightAwenda - The Stone Cottage$133.25$17.32$150.57
Per WeekAwenda - The Stone Cottage$919.00$119.47$1,038.47
Per NightBalsam Lake$215.00$27.95$242.95
Per WeekBalsam Lake$1500.00$195.00$1,695.00
Per NightBonnechere - Pine Shores cottage (off season)$190.00$24.70$214.70
Per WeekBonnechere - Pine Shores cottage (peak season - June 16 - September 1, 2018)$1325.00$172.25$1,497.25
Per NightCharleston Lake - Tall Pines Cabin$150.00$19.50$169.50
Per WeekCharleston Lake - Tall Pines Cabin$1050.00$136.50$1,186.50
Per NightFinlayson Point - Temagami Cabin$150.00$19.50$169.50
Per WeekFinlayson Point - Temagami Cabin$1050.00$136.50$1,186.50
Per NightPresqu'ile - Denson Cottage$200.00$26.00$226.00
Per WeekPresqu'ile - Denson Cottage$1750.00$227.50$1,977.50
Per NightSandbanks - Jacques Cottage$150.00$19.50$169.50
Per WeekSandbanks - Jacques Cottage(minimum)$628.50$81.71$710.21*
Per WeekSandbanks - Jacques Cottage(maximum)$1238.94$161.06$1,400.00
Per NightSandbanks - Maple Rest Heritage House$276.25$35.91$312.16
Per WeekSandbanks - Maple Rest Heritage House(minimum)$1466.75$190.68$1,657.43*
Per WeekSandbanks - Maple Rest Heritage House(maximum)$2000.00$260.00$2,260.00
Per NightSturgeon Bay(minimum)$75.25$9.78$85.03
Per NightSturgeon Bay(maximum)$104.75$13.62$118.37
Per WeekSturgeon Bay(minimum)$419.00$54.47$473.47
Per WeekSturgeon Bay(maximum)$681.00$88.53$769.53
Camp CabinBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightAlgonquin - Mew Lake, Arrowhead, Bon Echo, Fushimi Lake, Grundy Lake, Inverhuron, Kettle Lakes, Killarney, Murphys Point, Neys, Pancake Bay, Pinery, René Brunelle, Rideau River, Silent Lake, Windy Lake$125.00$16.25$141.25
Deluxe YurtBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightMurphys Point$125.00$16.25$141.25
Deluxe TentBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightMurphys Point$86.00$11.18$97.18
Trailer Equipped CampsiteBase FeeHSTTotal
Per NightBlue Lake, Rushing River (Hard-sided Trailer)$125.00$16.25$141.25
Per NightBlue Lake, Rushing River (Pop-up Trailer)$86.00$11.18$97.18

* - Off season rates.