Park features on this map are representative only and may not accurately depict regulated park boundaries. For official map representation of provincial parks, visit Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

  • Rondeau Locate
    Main Gate - Empty
    Latitude: 42.32407146
    Longitude: -81.84698045
  • Rondeau Locate
    Camp Office
    Latitude: 42.321279
    Longitude: -81.845667
  • Rondeau Locate
    Visitor Centre
    Latitude: 42.28099201
    Longitude: -81.84341311
  • Rondeau Locate
    Park Store
    Latitude: 42.31796127
    Longitude: -81.84905782
  • Rondeau Locate
    Maintenance Building
    Latitude: 42.31533734
    Longitude: -81.8479836
  • Rondeau Locate
    Trailer Dumping Station
    Latitude: 42.31596408
    Longitude: -81.84597731
  • Rondeau Locate
    North Comfort Station
    Latitude: 42.3221756
    Longitude: -81.84429288
  • Rondeau Locate
    Centre Comfort Station
    Latitude: 42.32017655
    Longitude: -81.84331656
  • Rondeau Locate
    South Comfort Station
    Latitude: 42.31805448
    Longitude: -81.8449688

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