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Pigeon River

Pigeon River Provincial Park - main photo of the park

What you'll like:

  • Dramatic High Falls, 28 m high and Middle Falls, 6m high
  • Scenic views of Lake Superior and the USA shoreline
  • Great hiking and walking trails, taking in views of the falls and river gorge and featuring carved metal art sculptures that depict the history of the area
  • Evidence of human occupation dating back to 7000 BC
  • Part of the Voyageur Boundary Waters Canadian Heritage River
  • Day-use park


Pigeon River is a day-use only park.  Camping is available close by at Kakabeka Falls or Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks.

Highlights of Things to Do

Pigeon River Provincial Park is located south of Thunder Bay along the Canada-USA border. This day-use park has trails that visit two spectacular water falls: High Falls at 28 m and Middle Falls at 6 m, as well as a dramatic steep sided gorge left by the Pigeon River. The international border between Canada and the United States is located in the middle of Pigeon River.

Just the Facts

Take only pictures, leave only footprints: don't bring any plants, animals or other natural objects with you. Park regulations prohibit this. For more information on Leave No Trace practices, visit www.leavenotrace.ca.

Pigeon River has a number of hiking options for visitors. The Boardwalk, Finger Point and High Falls trails begin at the Ontario Travel Centre. The Middle Falls Walk, Lookout Trail and Logging Road Trail begin at the Middle Falls Access. A trail brochure is available at the Ontario Travel Information Centre.

Boardwalk Trail – 350 m one way (15 minutes round trip) barrier-free access
Follow the accessible boardwalk that takes you to a viewing platform above the Lake Superior shoreline. The beach section of this trail shows evidence of the logging era and the view of Pigeon Bay up to Finger Point Trail.

Finger Point Trail – 2.5 km one way (two hours round trip), steep and rugged terrain in sections
Take a hike up to panoramic views of Lake Superior, the shores of Canada and the USA and to scenic Finger Point. Enjoy all of this from a sculptural bench inspired by Lake Superior.

High Falls Trail – 2 km loop (one hour round trip), steep stairs and hills in sections
Hike along a historic logging road to a spectacular view of High Falls; shared by both Ontario and Minnesota. Enjoy a view of Pigeon River’s steep walled gorge and visit the old chimney site. A plaque recognizing the Pigeon River as part of the Boundary Waters Voyageur Canadian Heritage River is located near the chimney site.  Across the river you will see the lookouts of Grand Portage State Park. High Falls is the highest waterfall in Minnesota (but not the highest in Ontario).

Middle Falls Walk – 700 m (20 minute round trip), easy
Enjoy this short walk from the Middle Falls parking area to the beautiful 6 m high Middle Falls.

Lookout Trail – 1.6 km one way (one and a half hour round trip) Steep sections, cliffs and rugged terrain in areas
Embrace this challenging hike up steep cliff tops to spectacular views over Lake Superior and Pigeon River. On a clear day you can see out to Michigan’s Isle Royale.

Old Logging Road Trail – 2.5 km one way (two hour round trip) Steep and wet sections, use at your own risk as this trail is not maintained.
This is a challenging hike to a scenic view with a brief side trip to a beaver pond.


The Pigeon River offers fishing opportunities for pickerel, Northern Pike, Chinook
Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout.


Pigeon River marks a transition from the forest of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Lowlands to boreal forest. This means that bird species of both regions can be found in the park. Birders could see Grey Catbirds, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, Common Ravens and Gray Jays.

Winter Activities

Enjoy Pigeon River Provincial Park’s hiking trails during the winter months, by foot or on snowshoe.


Signs along the highway indicate areas where hunting is permitted.


Pigeon River has all of the amenities that a visitor needs to enjoy a day at the park, including a site for a picnic and washroom facilities.

Just the Facts

Flush Toilets

Flush toilets are located at the Pigeon River Ontario Travel Information Centre.

Barrier Free Access

The Boardwalk Trail provides a barrier-free access to a view of the Lake Superior shoreline and Pigeon Bay.

Day Use Area

Enjoy hiking trails, scenic views and sculpted artwork benches. Visitors can hike the many trails or picnic along the river.

Park Store

A variety of Ontario Parks’ souvenirs can be purchased at the Ontario Travel Information Centre.

Park Location

Park features on this map are representative only and may not accurately depict regulated park boundaries. For official map representation of provincial parks, visit Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

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Fire Ban


There is no fire ban at this time.

Boil Water


There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting


There is no beach posting at this time.

Pigeon River Provincial Park

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