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Delayed Park Openings 2016

Delayed Park openings 2016

Check for delayed openings before visiting parks this spring.

Delayed Openings

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How to raise environmentally conscious kids

How to raise environmentally conscious kidsEarth Week is an annual reminder of how important it is to celebrate our beautiful planet and do our part to protect it for future generations. It’s also a timely reminder of how essential it is to instill a love – and respect – of the outdoors in our children. It’s something we can’t start too … Continue reading How to raise environmentally conscious kids

April is for beaver-watching at Algonquin

Spring beaverOne of the best parts about spring is that it offers some of the best viewing opportunities for two of Algonquin Provincial Park’s most famous mammals. May has become famous for moose watching in Algonquin but April is prime time for viewing its smaller, toothier associate, the beaver. What makes April prime time for beaver-watching? During … Continue reading April is for beaver-watching at Algonquin

Spring paddling safety

Spring paddling safetyItching for ice out? We certainly are. But spring weather can be fickle. Hitting the lake too early, failing to respect weather conditions or paddling beyond your skill level isn’t just risky — it’s downright dangerous. We chatted with Paul Smith, Superintendent of Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park, to get some top do’s and don’ts for spring … Continue reading Spring paddling safety