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Campsite Availability

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A changing landscape: how nature influences the way our parks look

Changing landscape of parksWhen campers return to their favorite campsites this year, they may be greeted with a different scene than they remember. That favorite tree that used to shade your campsite and provide a relaxing location to sit and read a book? Now gone, replaced by a stump with small plants growing around the base. The loss of trees … Continue reading A changing landscape: how nature influences the way our parks look

Algonquin’s 2016 ice out flight

Algonquin's 2016 ice out flightDid you tune in to Algonquin Provincial Park‘s #IceOutFlight 2016 last week? Our teammates at Algonquin took to the air, and live-tweeted ice-out conditions at the park. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of several popular Algonquin lakes, trails and landmarks: **NOTE** Although many of the lakes are ice-free, there’s still snow along many of the shores, on … Continue reading Algonquin’s 2016 ice out flight

Hiking for head-to-toe health

Health benefits of hikingIt’s probably no surprise that hiking is good for your health, but it might surprise you that the benefits reach from head to toe! Check out the brain and body benefits of hiking: Benefits for your brain Get creative! Going for a hike can promote creative thinking. Research shows that spending time outdoors may increase … Continue reading Hiking for head-to-toe health