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Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park - main photo of the park

What you'll like:

  • This wilderness park is a paddler’s paradise offering almost 2,000 km of maintained canoe routes
  • Enjoy solitude and commune with nature; Woodland Caribou sees fewer than 1,000 paddlers per season This undisturbed boreal forest is home to one of the largest groups of Woodland caribou south of Hudson Bay
  • Two major river systems – the Gammon and Bloodvein flow through the park; Bloodvein River is designated as a Canadian Heritage River
  • Excellent fishing for walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout and areas with Smallmouth Bass and muskellunge
  • This area is valued by local Aboriginals who call this home and who honour the area with stories and teachings. Pictographs (rock paintings) are located through the park and must be treated with respect
  • Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is a partner in the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Project. Five First Nations and the Ontario and Manitoba governments are seeking World Heritage Site status for a linked network of protected areas. For more information visit www.pimachiowinaki.org

Camping Experiences

By the Numbers


Woodland Caribou Provincial Park offers a remote yet accessible canoeing and camping experience which will draw on your backcountry skills.  Or you may choose roofed accommodation provided at private lodges and outpost camps located primarily in the Gammon and Bloodvein Wilderness Zones.

Woodland Caribou has four road access points near Red Lake, on the east side of the park, that bring you to, or very close to the park. These access points include parking areas. There are two more road access points with parking areas located in Manitoba that bring you within a half to one day travel to the park by waterway.  Water access is associated with these road access points.


Backcountry Camping

Woodland Caribou has approximately 1,500 canoe-in campsites. These sites are remote and primitive. Fire rings may or may not be present.

Highlights of Things to Do

This northern wilderness “where nature still rules” is remote yet accessible. Canoe trippers and sport fishing enthusiasts can reach the parks’ interior backcountry campsites and outpost camps by waterway or by air. Home to one of the largest groups of Woodland Caribou south of Hudson Bay, this weathered Arctic watershed promises ancient pictographs as part of its cultural landscape, howling wolves under starry skies, soaring eagles, solitude and adventure.

Woodland Caribou’s rugged yet beautiful boreal landscapes are inspiration to visitors with artistic flare for photography, painting and sketching and will surely motivate writers to create and share.

Just the Facts


Up to 2,000 km of maintained canoe routes provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in the most natural setting and to challenge your skills and senses.

Please contact the park if you need assistance planning your canoe adventure.


Woodland Caribou’s many secluded beaches and plenty of deep drop-offs from bedrock shorelines offer great swimming opportunities.


Powerboats are associated with the remote lodges and outpost camps areas and are primarily found in and along the Gammon and Bloodvein Wilderness Zones (river systems). The rest of the park is almost solely travelled by canoe or kayak.


Woodland Caribou is renowned for its fishing. The most sought after species are walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Smallmouth Bass are found in some northern lakes of the park and muskellunge are found in one lake in the southwest.

Many of the private outposts and lodges in the parks are dedicated to fishing.


Woodland Caribou is home to the bird species of the boreal forest. Keen birders will be able to check off many species on their life list that are common to the region. Visitors can observe Great Grey Owls that reside in the park and numerous songbirds during their spring migration.

Park Amenities List


Woodland Caribou is a wilderness park for visitors who want a natural experience. It has very few amenities. Full and partial outfitting services are available from canoe outfitters based in Red Lake.

Just the Facts

Park Store

A park store selling Woodland Caribou souvenirs is located at our office in Red Lake.
Red Lake is a full service community and will be able to fill all your needs.

Park Location

Park Maps (pdf)

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Fire Ban


There is no fire ban at this time.

Boil Water


There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting


There is no beach posting at this time.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

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