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Missinaibi Provincial Park - main photo of the park

What you'll like:

  • A Canadian Heritage River, designated for its significant Aboriginal, fur trade and logging cultural heritage, outstanding ecological and geological natural heritage, and wilderness recreation.
  • A 500 km long provincial park, encompassing large lakes, scenic waterfalls and outstanding whitewater.
  • A variety of unique camping experiences: Barclay Bay Campground on Missinaibi Lake; interior boat and canoe sites on Missinaibi Lake; backcountry canoe sites on hundreds of kilometers of Missinaibi River.
  • In the heart of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, the world’s largest wildlife preserve
  • Unparalleled fishing opportunities for Lake trout, Walleye, Northern Pike
  • Over 100 Aboriginal pictographs at the Fairy Point site on Missinaibi Lake.
Canadian Heritage River System
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Camping Experiences

By the Numbers

  • Total Campsites - 35
  • Backcountry Campsites - 100


Missinaibi provides a wide variety of camping experiences ranging from a road-accessible 35 site car/RV campground, to the 25 interior water accessible backcountry sites located all along the shoreline of the 9,000 hectare Missinaibi Lake.

For those avid canoe enthusiasts, there are more than 75 interior sites on the various canoe routes in the park with unlimited opportunities to explore the 500 kilometers of waterway stretching all the way to James Bay.


Car Camping

Barclay Bay boasts large, well-treed campsites in a campground with basic amenities such as water taps, vault privies, trailer dump and fill, animal-proof food storage lockers, a fish cleaning house, an extensive dock system capable of handling larger watercraft and a boat launch. There are no electrical hook-ups or comfort stations at Missinaibi Park as this is a true northern park.


Group Camping

There is one large, private group campsite located right on the water where you can keep canoes, kayaks and boats moored right at your site. Your group will have your own private washroom complete with a sink with running water. This site must be reserved by calling the Park Superintendent on January 1st at 1-705-864-3114 (leave name telephone number and desired dates) as it is in high demand and books up quickly.

Highlights of Things to Do

For the adventurous there are more than 75 interior sites on the various canoe routes in the park with unlimited opportunities to explore the 500 kilometers of waterway stretching all the way to James Bay.

If you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, you can spend the day on the quiet, sandy beach at the Barclay Bay Campground or head out on Missinaibi Lake to fish for Lake Trout. Don’t forget to visit the remnants of a logging camp, found on the Borasso Logging Camp Trail – which is only accessible by water.

Just the Facts

Take only pictures, leave only footprints: don't bring any plants, animals or other natural objects with you. Park regulations prohibit this. For more information on Leave No Trace practices, visit www.leavenotrace.ca.

Borasso Logging Camp Trail: 3 km
Visit the remnants of a logging camp that operated in Baltic Bay, part of Missinaibi Lake, in the 1950s. The men who stayed in this camp cut timber over the winter, hauled the logs onto Missinaibi Lake and during the spring thaw drove the logs down the Missinaibi River to the mill at Peterbell on the railway. This trail is only accessible by water.


There are five canoe route options within the park, some requiring train travel for access, with over 75 backcountry campsites associated with these routes. These are very remote sites, amenities are rustic (a privy toilet, a fire ring and some tent spots), therefore, self-reliance and backcountry experience is essential.  The Missinaibi River itself is one of the longest and famous of the canoe routes in the Hudson Bay watershed – 500km of whitewater river from the Arctic watershed divide down to James Bay.

Trip options:

Missinaibi Lake to Mattice- advanced, 7 to 12 days

Start from the Barclay Bay Campground on Missinaibi Lake and end up at the town of Mattice, located north on Highway 11 (arrange to have your vehicle shuttled to that location). A classic pool and drop waterway, this section has some of the best whitewater paddling on this Canadian Heritage River.

Peterbell to Mattice- intermediate to advanced, 7 to 10 days

A few days shorter than the previous trip (Missinaibi Lake to Mattice), this adventure begins in the town of Foleyet (on Highway 101) where you board the VIA Rail passenger train and dropping you off at the rail-stop of Peterbell, on the Missinaibi River.

Mattice to Moosonee- advanced, 10- 12 days

Starting in the town of Mattice on Highway 11, this route takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery on the river, including Thunderhouse Falls, Stone Rapids and Hell’s Gate, as you transition from the rocky Precambrian shield to the James Bay Lowlands. This is a very remote section of the river, leaving roads far behind as you paddle north to James Bay.

Shumka to Missanabie- novice to intermediate, 5-7 days, circle route

Start in the town of Missanabie where you board the VIA Rail Budd Car that will take you and your gear to a rail-stop called Shumka, south of Bolkow Lake. There are several variations to this route, a lake-to-lake route, however the beauty of any of the options is that they take you right back to where your vehicle awaits you in Missanabie. This route travels through a remote part of the Chapleau Game Preserve.

Missinaibi Lake to Little Missinaibi Lake back to Missinaibi Lake again-novice to intermediate, 7-8 days, circle route

This trip starts at the main campground on Missinaibi Lake where you have the opportunity to explore many of the lake’s highlights along the way. This route combines whitewater when water levels are high enough, with both river and lake-to-lake paddling.

Train Services:

Contact the railways before you start your trip to arrange for tickets, fares, and schedules. Be sure you make all shuttle services and train connection arrangements before starting your trip.

Railway Contact Numbers:

Ontario Northland Railway - 1-800-461-8558
VIA Rail - 1-888-842-7245
Sudbury Train Station - 1-705-524-1291
Via Rail Website: www.viarail.ca

Permits Required

Interior camping permits are required for all park users when camping within the park boundary.

Canoe Outfitters

Missinaibi Headwaters-
Telephone- 1-855-226-6366
Email - trips@missinaibi.com
Internet : www.missinaibi.com

Missinaibi Outfitters-
Telephone- 1-705-364-7312
Email : korpela@xplornet.ca
Internet : www.duenorth.net/missinaibi

Smoothwater Outfitters-
Telephone- 1-705-569-3539 or 1-888-569-4539
E-mail- temagami@ontera.net
Internet- http://smoothwater.com


The Barclay Bay Campground includes an uncrowded sandy beach on the shores of Missinaibi Lake.


Motorboats are allowed on Missinaibi Lake and Brunswick Lake. Motorboats are permitted for anglers flying into Little Missinaibi Lake with one of the registered fly-in outfitters for that lake. Motorboats are permitted seasonally on some sections of the river and all season on others. Check with the park for information on restrictions.


Fish for such species as Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish and Small-mouth Bass throughout the park, with Missinaibi Lake also home to Lake Trout due to its deep, cold waters. Missinaibi Lake has been a fishing destination for anglers from all over the world, but still remains uncrowded and wild.


The Missinaibi River flows through the boreal forest, known worldwide as the”Songbird Nursery” of North America. In spring and summer, the boreal forest is such a rich habitat in which to raise young, that forest songbirds like warblers and flycatchers can nest more closely than in other forests and still feed their chicks with enough food. This is the place to see and hear all of these birds in their breeding colours, singing their territorial songs.


Hunting is permitted outside of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve and on certain sections along the Missinaibi River. Contact the Park Superintendent for applicable areas.


External Outfitters who sell Interior Camping Permits

For interior camping permits please call the park office at 1-705-864-3137. You may also contact the following outfitters who sell permits for Ontario Parks:

Missinaibi Headwaters
Telephone- 1-705-607-0276 or 1-855-226-6366
E-mail- trips@missinaibi.com
Internet - www.missinaibi.com

Missinaibi Outfitters
Telephone- 1-705-364-7312

Smoothwater Outfitters
Telephone- 1-705-569-3539 or 1-888-569-4539
E-mail- temagami@ontera.net
Internet - http://smoothwater.com/

Charette’s General Store- Main Street, Foleyet
Telephone- 1-705-899-2332

Typer’s Live Bait- 820 Front Street, Hearst
Telephone- 1-705-362-4828

Park Amenities List


This true northern park offers only the basic amenities which are found in Barclay Bay Campground. There are no showers or flush toilets but the campground does provide water taps, vault privies, trailer dump and fill, animal-proof food storage lockers, a fish cleaning house, an extensive dock system capable of handling larger watercraft and a boat launch.

Just the Facts

Day Use Area

The beach in the Barclay Bay Campground occupies a sandy stretch of Missinaibi Lake shore, and makes a great swimming and picnic location. The boat launch and dock on Missinaibi Lake at Barclay Bay provides access to Missinaibi Lake, for boating, kayaking and canoeing, angling, picnicking, and sight-seeing.  Day-use fees apply.


Boat and Motors
16’ deep “V” Nadens with 20 hp Yamaha or Johnson outboard are available for rent. We provide the necessary safety kit in addition to the required approved Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs). Federal Regulation now requires us to ask for either proof of Operator Competency or we are required to complete a “Dockside Rental Checklist”, which is valid for the duration of the rental period. These boat and motor packages go fast, so please call 1-705-864-3137 from May to September and 1-705-864-3114, September to April.

12’ Old Town Vapours (recreational) polyethylene

13’ Old Town Cayuga (light touring) polyethylene


16’ Old Town (Royalex)

Park Store

The park gatehouse sells park souvenirs, books on local history and a limited number of camping supplies.

French Language Services

Bilingual services are available.

Park Location

Park features on this map are representative only and may not accurately depict regulated park boundaries. For official map representation of provincial parks, visit Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

Park Maps (pdf)

Park Overview - pdf

Campground Map - pdf

Fire Ban


There is no fire ban at this time.

Boil Water


There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting


There is no beach posting at this time.

Missinaibi Provincial Park

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