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Potholes Provincial Park - main photo of the park

What you'll like:

  • A short walking trail with boardwalks and interpretive signs takes you through distinctive bedrock scenery including “potholes” formed by glacial erosion, miniature waterfalls and boreal forest along the Kinniwabi River.
  • A nice convenient picnic stop along Highway 101 in an ancient glacial valley.
  • No camping, but privy toilets are available.


This is a day use only park.

Highlights of Things to Do

This provincial park, east of Wawa gets its name from glacial potholes and troughs scooped out of bedrock forming the riverbed of the Kiniwabi River. Stop for a picnic, soak up the scenery or follow a short interpretive trail for a close look at the potholes, sedges and flowering plants growing along the riverbank.

Just the Facts

Take only pictures, leave only footprints: don't bring any plants, animals or other natural objects with you. Park regulations prohibit this. For more information on Leave No Trace practices, visit www.leavenotrace.ca.

There is a 350 meter self-guided hiking trail and boardwalk that winds in and around the natural beauty of these distinctive pothole landforms created by glaciers thousands of years ago. The interpretive panels along the trail provide information on the geology, flora and fauna found in this nature reserve.

Natural Heritage Education

Colourful interpretive panels take you back 10,000 years where the glacial meltwater carrying debris of enormous erosive power, combined with the jointed and fractured bedrock over which they flowed, formed these large potholes and sculpted the surrounding bedrock.

These panels also highlight the provincially significant vegetation associated with these landforms.


The boreal forest which covers Potholes Provincial Park is the summer home and nesting grounds of hundreds of species of songbirds. Warblers, flycatchers and Northern Sparrows are common along the river.

Park Amenities List


This day-use park offers minimal services – privy (non-flush) toilets are located at the trailhead.

Just the Facts

Day Use Area

Parking right off Highway 101 provides access to the walking trail that winds along the Kinniwabi River.  Privy toilets are located at the trailhead.

French Language Services

Staff is available to assist French-speaking travellers.

Park Location

Park features on this map are representative only and may not accurately depict regulated park boundaries. For official map representation of provincial parks, visit Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas.

Park Maps (pdf)

Park Overview - pdf

Fire Ban


There is no fire ban at this time.

Boil Water


There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting


There is no beach posting at this time.

Potholes Provincial Park

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