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Algonquin - Canisbay Lake

Fire Bans

There is a fire ban -

Please be advised that a total fire ban is in effect for all of Algonquin Provincial Park.

During a fire ban:

•       Campfires are not permitted at any time;

•       Charcoal or wood burning barbeques may not be used;

•       Portable gas/propane/naphtha stoves or barbecues that have a fuel source with a control valve may still be used; 

•       Backcountry users must have a portable stove with a fuel shut-off valve.  Biolite or other wood/charcoal burning stoves are not permitted.

The fire ban will remain in place until further notice and will be lifted as soon as conditions allow.

Boil Water Advisory

No boil water advisory at this time

There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting

There is a beach posting -

Beach at Tea Lake Campground is posted as unsafe for swimming.

Updated:  July 11, 2108

Public beaches on Lake of Two Rivers are now open for 2018. Lab results obtained this spring have determined that toxins were not detected and naturally-occurring blue-green algae have returned to normal levels in Lake of Two Rivers.  Ontario Parks will continue to monitor conditions throughout the summer and any new advisories will be posted on under Algonquin. 


Beach Sampling Results

Beach Name Sample Date Results (E.Coli / 100ml)
Canisbay Campground "A" July 9, 2018 10
Canisbay Day Use "B" July 9, 2018 11
Coon Lake July 9, 2018 10
East Beach July 9, 2018 10
Kearney Lake July 9, 2018 10
Kiosk Access July 10, 2018 10
Mew Lake July 9, 2018 10
Pog Lake A July 9, 2018 11
Pog Lake C July 9, 2018 11
Rock Lake A July 9, 2018 10
Rock Lake B July 9, 2018 10
Tea Lake Camp. July 9, 2018 492
Two Rivers Camp. July 9, 2018 14
Two Rivers Picnic July 9, 2018 30
Whitefish GC July 9, 2018 10
Full listing of all beaches

Park Advisories

Forest Management Log Hauling on Opeongo Lake Rd.

Logging trucks will be travelling on Opeongo Lake Rd, from Highway 60 to Cameron Lake Road which is approximately 3 km in length. The hauling will be occurring Mon-Fri, from mid-June to late October.  Park visitors may encounter log trucks on this section of the road and will see lower speed limits posted during this time period. Please drive with caution.