Let out your inner explorer, artist, and space traveler with a Discovery Kit

Have you ever wanted to explore the great outdoors, create a masterpiece, or go to space?

You’re in luck!

Our FREE Discovery Kit rental program is designed to help you do all those things while visiting a park.

Each kit is designed to encourage visitors to explore and discover the park at their leisure.

They are available from the park’s gatehouse or store for visitors to sign out for a full or half-day.

Borrowing a kit lets you explore, observe, and discover the park on our own, or with your friends and family.

Explorer Kit

child holding binoculars

Parks are full of places to explore, and this kit has the tools you need to make the most of them.

It includes:

  • binoculars
  • a dip net
  • a bucket
  • fold-out field guides
  • animal handling guidelines

Grab the Explorer Kit and head out on a trail, to the beach, or around your campsite.

This kit makes being an explorer easy!

Art in the Park Kit

child painting

Get inspired by nature and let your inner artist out with this Discovery Kit.

This kit includes:

  • watercolour supplies
  • stencils
  • crayons

The Art In The Park Kit also includes activity suggestions to kickstart inspiration and make creating art easy.

Who knows where inspiration will hit or what you might create? Share your park inspired art with us by tagging the park you’re visiting in your pictures.

Night Sky Kit

night sky

Set your sights on the stars to explore things out of this world!

This kit includes:

  • a planisphere
  • headlamp with red light
  • an Ojibway Sky Star Map Constellation Guide

Use these tools to discover a galaxy far far away from the comfort of your campsite.

The vast expanse of space has never felt so close to home!

What are you waiting for?

Ask a staff member at one of these participating parks how you can become an explorer, artist, or space traveler during your visit with one of our Discovery Kits!

exploration kit

Kits are available at: