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Thackery Provincial Nature Reserve protects a significant sequence of Archean metavolcanic rocks of the Kenojevis Group. These rocks lie within the central portion of the Abitibi subprovince of the Canadian Shield. The outcrop provides an unusually clear view of several hundred metres of tholeiitic basalt of varying composition and textures. Composition varies from grey-to-green magnesium rich tholeiite basalt, to black-to-dark green iron rich basalt. Textures exhibit fine grained, massive, pillowed and pillowed-breccia flows to thin fragmental glass tuffs, and other distinct zones.

Park Facilities and Activities: The nature reserve is managed to protect its significant bedrock outcoppings. There are no visitor facilities. Scientific research and educational activities are encouraged. Anyone wishing to conduct research must obtain an approved research application.

Location: Thirty kilometres north of Kirkland Lake.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
(705) 272-7107
Size: 116.00 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Thackeray Provincial Park P.O. Box 730, 2 Third Ave.
P0L 1C0
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