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Pipestone River

November 20, 2018

Please be advised there was a large wildfire burning within the Northeast section of Pipestone River Provincial Park. This fire was being allowed to burn as there arent any threats to values. Canoe travel has been reopened and paddlers are being advised to proceed with caution. Portages and campsites may be impacted by burnt, or damaged trees and may pose a safety risk. The fire is not considered out but is being observed. Please call the Park Superintendent for more information.

Scott Ellery, 807 223-7535

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Rooted in the early Precambrian bedrock, the area’s boreal forests are home to moose, deer, black bear, wolf, marten, fox, lynx, and otter. Glacial features include a fluted ground moraine, DeGeer moraines, Big Beaverhouse moraine and Glacial Lake Agassiz sands and silts.

Park Facilities and Activities: There are no visitors’ facilities. Visitors should be well-skilled in wilderness trekking and white-water canoeing.

Location: About 200 km north of Sioux Lookout.

General Information

(807) 223-7535
Size: 97375.00 ha
Year established: 1989
Park Classification: Waterway
479 Government Road, Floor 1
P8N 2Z4

Operating Dates


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