Ouimet Canyon

Ouimet Canyon

Alerts and Advisories as of: June 15, 2019

Fire Bans

No firebans at this time

There are no fire restrictions at this time.

Boil Water Advisory

No boil water advisory at this time

There is no boil water advisory at this time.

Beach Posting

No beach posting at this time

There is no beach posting at this time.

Beach Sampling Results

There are no beach testing sample results for this park at this time.

See listing of all beaches in provincial parks.

Park Advisories

1 Please note that starting July 3rd, 2018, there will be a detour to access Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park due to construction on the bridge spanning Coldwater Creek. Instead of turning off the Trans-Canada Highway (11/17) onto Ouimet Canyon Road, visitors can access Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park by using the following route: Turn west from Highway 11/17 on Fish Hatchery Road. At the junction of Coldwater Drive, continue right (north) on Fish Hatchery road. 4.0 kilometers after departing Highway 11/17, turn left onto Spring Creek Drive and continue for 1.6km. Next, turn right onto Valley Road and drive an additional 6.3km until you arrive at Ouimet Canyon Road. Lastly, turn right on Ouimet Canyon Road and drive for 3km to the entrance of the park. Trailer parking is available near the main gate as the drive to the upper parking lot is quite steep (approximately 10% grade). The entire detour described above will be well marked to ensure there are minimal impacts to both park visitors and Dorion locals. Bridge construction is anticipated to be complete in summer 2019 and regular traffic should be restored to Ouimet Canyon Road by July 31, 2019.