Fish Point

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Fish Point is a gently rolling, shallow-sand, limestone plain in the Great Lakes lowlands, with lacustrine nearshore features, including an excellent example of a sandspit and dune system extending south into Lake Erie. Its near-virgin, southern deciduous forest harbours several provincially rare plants, including the prickly pear cactus, and the hop tree. Rare animals include the fox snake, Lake Erie watersnake, and the giant swallowtail butterfly.

Park Facilities and Activities: Like the famous Point Pelee spit located nearby on the mainland, Fish Point is an important stopover for migrating birds, and a bird-watchers paradise. Black-crowned night herons and other birds frequent a lagoon, and shorebirds are numerous. Visitor facilities consist of one small parking lot.

Location: On the southwest spit of Pelee Island, twenty-five kilometres from the mainland. Passenger and vehicle ferries leave Kingsville or Leamington, on Lake Erie’s north shore, at regular intervals. The crossing to Pelee Island takes about 90 minutes.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
(519) 825-4659
Size: 109.78 ha
Year established: 1985
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Wheatley Provincial Park P.O. Box 640
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