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Blue Lake

Fire Bans

There is a fire ban -

May 14, 2018. Restricted Fire Zone is in place due to extreme dry conditions. Until further notice no fires are allowed within Blue lake Provincial Park WHATSOEVER

Boil Water Advisory

There is a boil water advisory -

2018, Until further notice, and spring start up testing ALL water within Blue Lake Park is not considered potable. Please do not drink the water, until this notification changes.

Beach Posting

No beach posting at this time

There is no beach posting at this time.

Park Advisories

Due to the close proximity and marginal sound barriers between campsites, Blue lake has a "No Generators" policy. Unless extenuating circumstances (health/power outage) the use of inverters, or generators are strictly prohibited. Your neighbors will thank you.

Wildlife monitoring cameras may be deployed at Blue Lake Provincial Park. Any human photos will be deleted.