Blue Jay Creek

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Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park contains some of the largest raised beach and swale system on Manitoulin Island. Upland willow thickets are found at the beaches higher elevations. The forest cover is a mixture of cedar, spruce, and pine, and the extensive wetlands in the area include cedar, black spruce, and black ash swamp forest, open and tree bogs, treed fens, and riparian marshes. The park also includes a portion of Blue Jay Creek.

Location: The park is located on Manitoulin Island, 12 kilometres from the town of Tehkummah. The boundary of Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park does not follow natural features; as it was formerly private property, it is delineated by the lot and concession boundaries on Manitoulin Island. The south­ west boundary, however, follows the high water mark of Michael’s Bay.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities in this park. The park offers a variety of recreational settings suitable for canoeing, hunting, fishing, nature appreciation, and exploration.

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General Information
(705) 966-0563 (Oct-May)
(705) 966-2315 (June - Sept)
Size: 245.70 ha
Year established: 1997
Park Classification: Natural Environment
Northeast Zone PO Box 560
P0M 2C0
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