Batchawana River

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The Batchawana River includes a variety of features such as wide meanders, numerous rapids, islands, shifting stream channels and a 13kim long canyon. Along the way the waterway passes terraces from glacial lakes and rivers, shoreline wetlands and bottom land forests. Self-sustaining brook trout population occur along the waterway. The forests include yellow birch, white pine and eastern hemlock - here at the northern end of its range.

Location: 90 kilometres North of Sault Ste Marie and 40 kilometres Southeast of the town of Montreal River Harbour.

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General Information
(705) 882-2209
Size: 2684.00 ha
Year established: 2004
Park Classification: Waterway
12729 Hwy 17N, P0 Box 61
Batchawana Bay
P0S 1A0
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