Alerts and Advisories as of: December 10, 2019

Interdiction de faire des feux

No firebans at this time

Il n’y a pas d’interdiction de faire des feux en ce moment.

Avis de faire bouillir l’eau

There is a boil water advisory - Please be advised that our drinking water system has been put into service however, the water must be tested by the Local Public Health Laboratory before it is safe for use. The quality of the water is unknown at this time.

Water can be rendered safe for drinking if boiled for at least one minute.

All notices will be removed from the taps as soon as we have received confirmation of acceptable laboratory test results.

Avis concernant les plages

No beach posting at this time

Il n‘y a actuellement aucun avis concernant les plages.

Résultats d’échantillonnage de l’eau des plages

Nom de la plage Date de l’échantillon Résultats (E. Coli / 100 ml)
Semiwhite Lake August 14, 2018 10
Liste complète de toutes les plages

Park Advisories

There are no park advisories at this time.