2016 Frontenac Challenge wrap-up

Today’s post comes from Content Development Specialist Evan Holt. This is Evan’s fourth year completing the Frontenac Challenge!

Frontenac Provincial Park offers a unique challenge to autumn visitors that isn’t found elsewhere in the province. About half-way through my first attempt at hiking the complete 160 km of the challenge I found myself falling in love with the park.

Here’s a quick look at a growing destination for hikers, campers, canoeists and trail runners.

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Hurontario Route

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

Travel across the diverse landscape between Midland and Kingston, encountering windswept pines and rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield to the lush mixed forest of the Great Lake-St Lawrence Lowlands.

This route is renowned for its scenic beauty, Indigenous history and photo-worthy fishing.

For the Hurontario route, pack your hiking shoes, swimsuits and cameras.

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Taryn and Scarlett go camping

Last weekend, Lake St. Peter Provincial Park welcomed one of its smallest ever visitors.

Meet Taryn. She arrived at Scarlett’s house just in time to tag along on their summer camping trip.

At first, Scarlett wasn’t sure Taryn could come camping. After all, most toys aren’t ready for the great outdoors. But as she unwrapped Taryn’s gear, she realized her new friend was well-equipped for their adventures.

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Highlights of Ontario Route – Ottawa/Algonquin/Toronto

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

A very popular route with overseas travellers as it provides a sampling of highlights of Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa and Algonquin Provincial Park.

This is a spectacular route in the fall!

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Georgian Bay Circle Tour

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

Drive this route through spectacular scenery and iconic tourism spots, and explore the many varied landscapes including:

  • The world’s longest freshwater beaches
  • The world’s largest freshwater island
  • Stunning white quartzite hills
  • The rugged rocks and windswept pines of eastern Georgian Bay

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Rideau Heritage Route

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

This route offers a compelling alternative to busy main highways.

The route crosses the scenic landscape of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, a granite bridge that connects the Canadian Shield and the Adirondack Mountains. The Rideau Heritage Route offers a range of interesting communities with small town architecture and artisan shops.

The cultural heritage of the waterway itself is an engineering marvel and designated a UNESCO World Heritage. The canal and lock stations, many with picnic facilities, are maintained by Parks Canada.

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5 ways to level up your camp coffee

You’ve got big plans. Today’s the day you conquer a stretch of whitewater, take the trail to the waterfall, or join that guided wildlife hike.

But the morning feels chilly. And your muscles are tight from yesterday’s portage. And your inner-naysayer has almost got you convinced to snuggle back in your sleeping bag and let the day go by.

But then the wind shifts.

And you smell the one thing that never fails to rev up your inner adventurer.
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Are you travelling “light”?

Your family NEEDED a weekend getaway. You were a little late getting on the road, but you’re pretty sure you packed the essentials.

It’s pitch black by the time you pull into your campsite, but that’s okay. You rummage around in your trunk, until you find your favourite flashlight.

You press the button and…

Nothing happens.

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