Learn to Camp 2017 recap

This seasonal recap is brought to you by our amazing team of Learn to Camp leaders!

As Learn to Camp leaders, we introduce thousands of Ontarians to camping every year.

We may be slightly biased, but we’re pretty sure this is one of the best jobs at Ontario Parks!

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Seasonal campsites at Ontario Parks

It’s that time of year again!

Our Seasonal Camping Program gives you the opportunity to reserve a campsite on a monthly/seasonal basis at select provincial parks.

Some campers spend most of the summer living in the park, while others leave their trailers and come up every weekend.

Seasonal camping applications open September 1, 2017 and must be submitted by September 29, 2017.

Why not reserve your campsite for the whole summer?

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Stop bears from snacking on your food

Good news, campers! Our parks are implementing new ways to deter bears and other wild critters from making off with your dinner.

Read about which parks offer bear-resistant storage containers and how you can use them during your trips.

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Genius-level camp gear

Do you sneak a peek at other campers’ set-ups when you walk by? You’ve likely seen some impressive outdoor arrangements – everything from the impeccable glamper pouring himself an espresso with crema, to multi-family groups playing cards by lantern-light under a finely rigged tarp city.

That’s the beauty of camping: you get to decide what kind of camper you want to be. Part of what makes each camping trip feel like a mini-adventure is figuring out what to pack.

To get you ready for your 2017 camping season, we chatted with our friends at MEC, who shared six of the most interesting camping products to jazz up your campsite.

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How to survive an unplugged camping trip

In today’s post, Senior Marketing Specialist Sheila Wiebe shares advice on how to completely power down (pain-free!) on your next camping adventure.

Seasoned backcountry country campers: this article is not intended for you (though you might find it funny). We’re talking to front-country and car campers in this one.

When researching this topic, I realized there are lots of articles about alternative power sources when camping on a non-electrical site.

But did you know that you can actually camp/ live comfortably without electrical power?!

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2016 Frontenac Challenge wrap-up

Today’s post comes from Content Development Specialist Evan Holt. This is Evan’s fourth year completing the Frontenac Challenge!

Frontenac Provincial Park offers a unique challenge to autumn visitors that isn’t found elsewhere in the province. About half-way through my first attempt at hiking the complete 160 km of the challenge I found myself falling in love with the park.

Here’s a quick look at a growing destination for hikers, campers, canoeists and trail runners.

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Hurontario Route

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

Travel across the diverse landscape between Midland and Kingston, encountering windswept pines and rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield to the lush mixed forest of the Great Lake-St Lawrence Lowlands.

This route is renowned for its scenic beauty, Indigenous history and photo-worthy fishing.

For the Hurontario route, pack your hiking shoes, swimsuits and cameras.

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Taryn and Scarlett go camping

Last weekend, Lake St. Peter Provincial Park welcomed one of its smallest ever visitors.

Meet Taryn. She arrived at Scarlett’s house just in time to tag along on their summer camping trip.

At first, Scarlett wasn’t sure Taryn could come camping. After all, most toys aren’t ready for the great outdoors. But as she unwrapped Taryn’s gear, she realized her new friend was well-equipped for their adventures.

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Highlights of Ontario Route – Ottawa/Algonquin/Toronto

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

A very popular route with overseas travellers as it provides a sampling of highlights of Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa and Algonquin Provincial Park.

This is a spectacular route in the fall!

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