The year of high water at Presqu’ile

Today’s post comes from Natural Heritage Education Leader David Bree at Presqu’ile Provincial Park

It was a wet year for provincial parks in 2017.

If you visited Lake Ontario this spring, you know water levels reached record highs. By early May, the lake was 10 cm higher than the highest it had ever been since records started in 1918. This is also a full metre higher than average.

The damage this caused has been well-documented. At Presqu’ile Provincial Park, we had flooded facilities, lost land to erosion, and had to close for four weeks in June to prevent more damage to our soggy landscape.

The flood was certainly an inconvenience to us, but what effect did it have on the nature and wildlife of the park?

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Make tracks to Frontenac this winter!

Not ready to say goodbye to Frontenac’s 100+ km trail network? This winter, trade your hiking boots for a pair of snowshoes or skis!

Nature-lovers come from around the globe to explore Frontenac Provincial Park‘s trails. Perched on the southern arm of the Canadian Shield, this park features granite outcrops, vast wetlands, scenic lakes and mixed forests.

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10 hot chocolate hacks

In today’s post, Chef Deb Rankine, a.k.a. The Fridge Whisperer, shares her favourite hot chocolate recipe along with 10 BEST ways to kick it up a notch!

What’s more welcoming than a hot mug of cocoa after a day’s hiking or a nature walk through a frosty forest?

In addition to our recipe for a rich tasting, velvety smooth hot chocolate mix, we’ve given you 10 fun and creative ways to make your hot chocolate experience the best one ever.

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Congratulations to our 2017 Ontario Parks Partners Bursary recipients!

The summer student workforce is the life-blood of the Ontario Parks summer operating season. Our provincial parks simply could not operate without our student workers.

Last week, park staff, corporate partners and students gathered in Peterborough to award the 2017 Ontario Parks Partners Bursaries.

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Why Lake Ontario is the land of fishy dreams

Today’s post comes from year-round multispecies angler and writer Ashley Rae of

There’s a certain magic about any day spent on the water.

For me, this is especially true when I set out on Lake Ontario. It is without a doubt one of my favourite bodies of water to fish.

It’s vast, beautiful, deep, and fun to figure out. Best of all? It grows some massive fish. What’s not to love?

Due to its size, the wind can pick up quickly on Lake O. Lake Ontario deserves our respect, and I appreciate any opportunity to get out there exploring.

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December’s digital download

Our gift to you this December is this beautiful image of a Gray Jay.

You never know what you’ll see in pristine winter forests.  Birds are often easier to spot because of the leafless trees and serene quiet.

All you need is a set of binoculars, a pair of snowshoes, and some warm clothing.

Happy birding!

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