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We’re looking for park wardens!

Applications for our 2020 park warden positions are open. Please review the “Park Wardens” section of our careers page, and submit your application using the recruitment contact form. Applications close on March 20.

Ontario Parks currently manages 340 parks. In doing so, we protect over 8.2 million ha of land, lakes and rivers, while providing habitat for over 140 different species at risk. At the same time, we provide recreational opportunities by operating more than 20,000 car campsites, 170 roofed accommodations, and 8,000 backcountry campsites.

How do we do this?

The success of our organization is a direct result of our amazing staff’s hard work. Park wardens are an integral part of our operations, and play a significant role in helping us achieve our goals.

line of park wardens standing on beach

What do park wardens do?

Ontario’s provincial park system is diverse, and so are our park warden positions.

In any given park, the goals of our wardens are the same: to protect park property and resources (the natural and cultural features of a park), and to ensure every park visitor can have a peaceful and enjoyable visit.

park wardens completing their duties (driving boat, teaching children, driving truck)

Depending on what park they work at, the experience and day-to-day routine of a park warden will vary.

Common roles may include:

  • Protecting park resources by enforcing legislation, and providing information to park visitors
  • Providing high-quality customer service by answering questions, delivering information, and resolving visitor comments/complaints
  • Ensuring the protection of public safety by providing leadership and support with accidents or emergencies
  • Supporting park operations by helping staff with facility cleaning, campground maintenance, and water system operation
  • Supporting backcountry hiking and paddling opportunities by maintaining trails, portages, and campsites

What are we looking for in candidates?

park warden in truck, speaking on radio

You must meet specific mandatory requirements to be considered as an Ontario Parks park warden.

Mandatory qualifications include:

  • minimum 19 years of age
  • valid class “G” Ontario driver’s licence or equivalent
  • ability to obtain a criminal background check (CPIC)
  • successful completion of multi-week Provincial Park Warden Course (provided)

Above and beyond the basic requirements, park wardens have a challenging job and require specific skill sets in order to be successful.

Additional skills that will make your application stand out:

  • written and oral communication skills: the ability to effectively resolve customer conflicts/complaints, convey important information, document observations and activities, and write clear and concise reports
  • problem-solving and decision-making skills: the ability to make difficult decisions related to public safety, emergency response, and officer safety
  • leadership and initiative capabilities: the ability to work independently without direct supervision, and the initiative to remain productive and support other park programs when needed
  • experience or education working in/with law enforcement
  • experience or education managing natural or cultural resources
  • knowledge and understanding of Ontario Parks and the objectives of our organization

Previous park experience is always an asset!

What hours / seasons do park wardens work?

Contract lengths vary across the province, but most of our park warden positions occur during our peak operating season (June-September).

warden reading campsite permit

Park wardens work most nights and weekends throughout our peak operating season, and must be able to work independently.

Do park warden contracts lead to careers in Ontario Parks?

Many of our higher-level leadership opportunities require knowledge of enforcement programs, so experience as a park warden is a great step along the way!

wardens writing in notebooks

Many of our current superintendents and assistant superintendents started their careers as park wardens and spent some years on seasonal contracts (often changing parks) before gaining their current positions.

Park wardens gain significant experience in resource management protection, public safety, enforcement, Ontario Parks policies, provincial acts and legislation, conflict resolution, customer service, and park operations.

Applications for our 2020 park warden positions are open

Please review the “Park Wardens” section of our careers page, and submit your application using the recruitment contact form. Applications close March 20.

Parks accepting applications include: