Tracking mysteries at Ontario Parks

On winter mornings especially after a light dusting of snow, animal tracks deposited under the cover of darkness provide clues about wildlife inhabiting Ontario Parks – tracks left in snow, chewed bark on or around a tree, snapped twigs, traces of urine, blood, or feathers or even evidence of a life and death struggle. Continue reading Tracking mysteries at Ontario Parks

Walking in the Rain

I love walking in the rain. First – as everyone is painfully aware – for half the year Canada is cold. Getting outside in warm weather is too precious an experience to be wasted waiting for a sunny day. Second – weather predictions are often woefully wrong, leaving you stuck at home when you could be enjoying a great day outside. Continue reading Walking in the Rain

Fish and Bird Die-off at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

There is currently a fish and bird die-off in the Wasaga Beach area. The die-off is believed to be from Type E botulism.

Small-scale fish and bird die-offs are common on the Great Lakes.

Please do not handle dead or dying fish or birds. Park staff is aware of the problem and is working to dispose of dead fish and birds.

While visiting Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, please keep pets on a leash at all times and away from dead or dying animals. Beach Area 3 is the authorized pet beach area in the park.

Read more about botulism in fish and wildlife.