How to see better in the dark

We all crave the peace and quiet of a moment in the darkness, gazing up at the beauty of the night sky. But sometimes it’s hard to make out things in the pure darkness of provincial parks.

Did you know you can actually improve your ability to see in the dark? Most people do not realize there are a number of techniques you can use to improve your night vision. In this article we will explain four things you can do to see better in the dark.

We hope it will allow you to not only see more objects in the night sky, but to safely navigate your campsite at nighttime.

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Looking up at Mars

Did you know that we can see surface detail on Mars with even a small telescope?

Mars’ orbit is somewhat elliptical (egg-shaped) meaning that about every two years or so, Mars comes closer to the Earth becoming both brighter and larger in visual appearance if looking through a telescope.

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Does the darkness need our protection?

Today’s post comes from our Natural Heritage Education Coordinator Brad Steinberg.

Not many researchers like being kept in the dark…

…except, that is, for scotobiologists!

Scotobiology is the science of darkness, a research topic that is growing in importance. Many birds, amphibians, insects and plants (and us!) have evolved to rely on uninterrupted periods of darkness during the night.

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How to tell direction without a compass

Did you know you can determine your directions without a compass or GPS?

It would be wonderful if we had a built-in system to help us tell direction. If we did, it would probably have saved many lives who became lost by travelling away from safety rather than towards it.

Humans are not very good at instinctively knowing which direction they face. Most methods of determining one’s direction when in the forest tend to be unreliable.

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