How to connect with nature in your everyday life

Many of us now live in fast-paced urban landscapes or busy suburban neighborhoods, spending most of our time in front of our computers, tvs, and phones.

While it’s easy to be disconnected from nature, studies show that staying connected to nature is critical for both our health and happiness. From fighting  depression to stress, and even fatigue, there are so many benefits to getting outside.

Remember that nature isn’t always a destination; it can also be found in your own backyard!

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Listening to nature’s music

Today’s post comes from Kyra Santin, a Natural Heritage Education and Marketing Student from our Northwest Zone. 

George Santayana — poet, philosopher and naturalist — said, “The Earth has music for those who listen.”

The earth holds a lot of beauty within it. If we open our eyes and ears, and listen to the world that surrounds us, we can truly appreciate the music the earth is making.

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