10 signs of spring at Ontario Parks

Spring has sprung at Ontario Parks!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the days of snow and sleet are (hopefully!) behind us. As the snow melts, enjoy the sensory delights of spring in our provincial parks as we see and hear signs of warm weather to come.

You know it’s spring in Ontario Parks when…

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February’s digital download

Between Family Day and Valentine’s Day, February has us thinking about the people we love. This is our reminder that families — whether human or wild — come in all shapes and sizes.

Throughout 2017, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic. Each month will feature a different park, season, activity or natural resource.

We’ve specially sized these images for your computers, tablets, smartphones and Facebook covers.

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The best apps for smartphone photography

Today’s post comes from Marketing and Communications summer student Mitch Jackson. 

Smartphone cameras keep getting better and better. No longer do park enthusiasts have to drag clunky DSLR cameras through the wilderness. Taking your smartphone with you will free up room for snacks, sunscreen, a lunch, a water bottle…did we mention more room for snacks?

We’ve seen that smartphones can already act as a field guide and support citizen science. Along with that, many phones also have incredible photo capabilities. Gone are the days of blurry, low-res phone photos. High-quality nature photography can happen right on your mobile device, without the burden of a camera strap.

Add some sparkle to your snapshots with the help of these apps:

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The White Moose Forest

Everyone knows that moose are brown, even if they’ve never seen one in person.  Big and brown.  Even Bullwinkle, the famous cartoon moose is brown.  Moose calves can be very light-coloured when they are very young – even a bright cinnamon colour, but they always turn brown as they get older.  Always.

There is a place, however, where the moose aren’t following the rules…  west of Timmins there’s a place not shown on any map.  You could call it “The White Moose Forest”.  Some locals call the ghostly inhabitants “Spirit Moose”.  In this forest some of the moose are white.  Yes, completely white.  The little town of Foleyet and Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park seem to be at the centre of this White Moose Forest.  Folks, local to this area, have seen them, surprisingly, while driving along Highway 101.  The Ivanhoe Lake park superintendent has seen them. Continue reading The White Moose Forest

I moose be dreaming…

Safety vest? Check. Radio? Check. Whistle? Check.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with a moose calf? Well I have; and to satisfy my curiosity I set out into the thick brushes of Algonquin Provincial Park to volunteer with moose calf collaring. Talk about an experience of a life time! Continue reading I moose be dreaming…