Winter adventures at Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most iconic places in Ontario all year round, and that’s for good reason!

With so many activities to try, the vast winter landscape is an opportunity for you to choose your own adventure.

Snowshoeing through the forest is rewarded by the scenic vistas and solitude. Winter camping gives you a stunning a view of the moon casting long shadows through the trees on a clear winter night. Making a discovery of your own by following tracks along the path is a real treat.

New this year: come to the West Gate on weekends for a campfire and fireside chats with park naturalists!

Here are seven reasons you need to visit this winter:

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Where can a paddle take you?

In today’s post, Rondeau Provincial Park‘s Chief Park Naturalist Jess Matthews takes us back in time…

There may be a time when you used your paddle to get through white caps. At other times, it leisurely pulled you over still wetlands.

They are a lifeline. Solid, reliable; something that won’t break down on whatever journey you may be on.

But what if we told you that a paddle can also take you through time to the very beginning of the provincial park system? A time when the only two superintendents in Ontario Parks were 600 km away from each other, and correspondence was mainly though letters.

Just two paddles are the tangible pieces of history that connects Algonquin Provincial Park and Rondeau Provincial Park through a story of beginnings, friendships, and marriage.

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A look back on Ontario Parks’ outhouses

We called on Ontario Parks Architect Matthew Harvey to provide some insight on outhouses…the good, the bad, and the stinky!

In the course of my 30 year architectural career with Ontario Parks, I occasionally get asked what I do for a living. I proudly reply “Why, I design outhouses!”

If that person doesn’t excuse themselves, turn on their heel and beat a hasty retreat, then we might get down to a discussion that goes something like this:

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5 ways to stay active in the cold

Brrr! Temperatures are dropping, and winter’s icy grip is almost upon us.

We bet you’re feeling just about ready to tuck into a nice, long winter’s hibernation.

Not so fast! We’ve partnered with our snow-loving friends at Subaru Canada to share some great ways to stay active and enjoy winter.

Outdoor activity is important for our mental and physical health all year long. Getting outside is good for you even when the weather is not ideal.

Ontario Parks has 30+ parks open in the winter. Each park offers plenty of ways for you to get active in the chilly months.

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Perfect parks for your late fall camping trip

Looking to extend your camping season?

Many of our parks are open for overnight stays in October and November. Whether you snuggle up in your tent or get cozy in your RV, make sure you pack extra socks!

Bundle up and book a trip to one of these late fall camping spots:

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Falling for campsite crafting

Today, Content Development Specialist Andrea Coulter takes us through some family friendly fall crafts. 

Last fall, my kids and I joined my parents on a three-generation camping trip to Canisbay Lake Campground at Algonquin Provincial Park.

We spent our days going for bike rides, hiking, and visiting around the campfire, but my kids’ creative bug was definitely itching. I was glad I had prepared some activities for around the campsite!

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Halloween 2023 at Ontario Parks

By the pricking of our thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

We’ve got tons of haunted Halloween events coming up! Find some stand-out spookiness below (and don’t forget to check out events page for late-breaking additions!).

Will you be visiting the ghosts of campers past this October?

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Say “no” to axe-idents

You’ve just paddled your heart out to get to your campsite. You put on your flannel and grab your axe to prepare your campfire.

Something about being in the wilderness that brings out our inner woodsperson.

We know the feeling.

However, for the preservation of your toes, please read this before you swing that axe!

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Invader alert! Help us stop the Spiny Waterflea!

This blog comes from Algonquin Provinical Park’s team of biologists and ecologists.

Algonquin is a stronghold of headwaters.

Most of our lakes are fed by cold, clean water that bubbles up from the ground. That water flows out of the park and feeds countless lakes and streams in southern Ontario.

One of the goals in establishing the boundaries of the park was to protect those headwaters…because if headwaters become compromised, so too does everything downstream.

That strategy has worked remarkably well in the park’s 125-year history.

Unfortunately, last year we made a devastating discovery.

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