April vacancy highlights (roofed accommodation)

Spring temperatures can be tough to predict, which is what makes April a great month to stay in a cabin or yurt! Whether it rains, snows or shines, you’ll have a cozy homebase for your outdoor adventures.

Don’t see your favourite park? Reminder that many parks, such as Arrowhead, Silent Lake and Windy Lake, close after March Break to prepare for the spring camping season.

Accommodations featured below were available as of 12:00 pm, March 18, 2019.
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Summer bioblitzes at Algonquin

In honour of our 125th anniversary, our oldest provincial park, Algonquin, is hosting a bioblitz series!

Join park naturalists for weekly programs where you will learn how to identify and inventory different species, as well as the importance of citizen science in protecting the biodiversity of our parks.

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Trick or Treat at Ontario Parks

Did you know that Halloween is a big tradition at Ontario Parks every October? The tradition started at parks located along the lower Great Lakes where fall temperatures are milder.  But parks like Emily Provincial Park ( near Peterborough)  and Algonquin Provincial Park  are starting to see this tradition take root at their parks.  Continue reading Trick or Treat at Ontario Parks

Still howling after 50 years!

In the summer of 1963, park naturalists in Algonquin Provincial Park came up with the idea for a new interpretive program: an evening of “wolf listening.” On August 15, 656 people in 164 cars showed up much to the shock and delight of park staff! As is often said, the rest is history. Since that very first Public Wolf Howl 50 years ago, approximately 160,000 visitors -an average of about 1,800 per event- have taken part in what is now listed as a Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience. Continue reading Still howling after 50 years!

Species at risk: researching eastern whip-poor-wills in Algonquin Provincial Park

Have you ever heard the call of a whip-poor-will? Unlike many other birds, its call is very distinctive. The eastern whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus vociferus) is a “name-sayer” and certainly a vociferous one, with records of calls repeated over 1000 times!

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Family Day and Valentine’s Day in Ontario Parks

Looking for a natural way to celebrate Family Day? These Family Day events at Algonquin Provincial Park and The Pinery Provincial Park are just two of several Family Day celebrations taking place at Ontario Parks in 2013. Continue reading Family Day and Valentine’s Day in Ontario Parks