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Spirit walks and storytellers

When paddling a river or toasting marshmallows, it can be easy to forget the rich cultural history of Ontario’s provincial parks.

We’ve got all kinds of storytelling going on in our parks this August,  especially in the evenings.

Awenda Provincial Park

Child on rock in the water at sunset.

An entertaining evening awaits you on August 17! Celebrate Awenda’s 40th anniversary with a spectacular Georgian Bay beach sunset and some colourful characters and stories to match!

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Rumour has it the park’s 19th-century Spruce Lane farmhouse is haunted.

Picture of Spruce Lane Farmhouse where the event will be held.

Experience our 1899 farmhouse at night as we explore the paranormal side of Spruce Lane Farm. Learn about the strange customs Victorians had surrounding death and witness some of the unexplained happenings at our farmhouse.

Tours are meant to educate and are not designed to frighten or scare visitors.

No reservations required. Please note tours are not stroller or wheelchair friendly and dogs are not permitted inside Spruce Lane Farmhouse.

Guide dressed in victorian clothes talks to crowd about the house.

Join us August 11 and 18 for our Ghost Walks. A new group departs every 15-20 minutes from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm and tours last about 30 minutes.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

A view from inside the visitor centre.

One of Canada’s most remarkable sights is found in Petroglyphs, north of Peterborough. The country’s largest known concentration of Indigenous rock carvings (petroglyphs) is here. Carvings depict turtles, snakes, birds, humans and more.

A different view of inside the visitor center.

The sacred site is known as the “Teaching Rocks.” Normally, Petroglyphs is a day-use-only park, operating from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily during the summer months. However, this August, two special evening tours are planned. Bring your flashlight!

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

Wander into the past with an evening spirit night on August 3 and 31.

Staff member dressed in period clothing stands in front of a voyageur encampment.

As you walk along the Mattawa River you will meet the people that lived and worked in this region up to 400 years ago.

Spirit of Samuel de Champlain past walking down path.

From the time of the early explorers to the logging era there are surely many stories to be told – of hardship and toil, of adventure and comical mishaps, and awe-inspiring journeys.

A whole host of different programs can be found on our events page for parks across the province. See you at one soon!