A group of people touring a logging exhibit inside a log building

Celebrate Lumberjack Days at “The Winter Camp”

Ever thought about a career change? Maybe try your hand at work in an early 1900s logging camp?

Saturday, August 6 from 12pm to 4pm is the 30th anniversary of Marten River Provincial Park’s Lumberjack Days!

Try your hand at being a lumberjack!

A variety of contests for both adults and children will be held (with prizes to be won!), including nail driving, tree height guessing, and log throwing.

Appreciate the skills of the experts!

Two people wearing red suspenders and green pants, each with one leg up on a piece of chopped wood. The are both leaning against the handles of axes.

If you’d prefer to leave it to the pros, we’ll have the Sir Sandford Fleming Loggersports Team demonstrating their skills axe chopping and throwing, making fires, and using crosscut saws. Shows will be held starting at 1pm and 3pm.

Travel back in time

And whatever you do, don’t neglect to explore the rest of the Winter Camp. Discover the camp’s recreated office, bunkhouse, cookery, scaler’s shack, horse stable, hay barn, and blacksmith’s shop. An outdoor trail exhibit with several larger pieces of equipment. Next to the Winter Camp is the logging museum and theatre, filled with artifacts that have been donated through the years by people whose fathers, grandfathers, or great-grandfathers had been lumberjacks.

You can even buy a traditional Logger’s Lunch!

Book a camping trip and experience Marten River’s Lumberjack Days!