Canoeing into sunset,

What will your legacy be?

Will it help animals — from the majestic to the miniature — thrive in our protected spaces?

Will it inspire the next generation to enjoy and protect our parks while building their own memories for the future?

Will it help share and steward wisdom about our natural and cultural histories?

A donation to Ontario Parks through your Will makes a difference – now and forever. Please consider making us part of your legacy. 

Does Ontario Parks need donations?

Many Ontarians don’t realize that — since 1996 — only a small part of Ontario Park’s operating budget comes from tax revenues.

Most of the funds to maintain, manage, and protect our parks come from day-use and camping fees, rentals, partnerships and — you guessed it — donations.

Why leave an Ontario Parks legacy?

I treasure my memories of parks.

The cry of a loon. The crackle of a campfire. Simple sounds that take us back to our visits to Ontario Parks over the years. Precious memories of learning to paddle a canoe or put a worm on a fishing hook, or just playing on the beach with family.

campers around campfire beside lake

A gift in your Will can help the next generation build their memories too. Memories to last your lifetime, and theirs.

I believe it’s important to help protected spaces and species that make up our parks.

Being in just the right place to watch a moose saunter out of the woods for a cool drink in the lake, gazing up as a Bald Eagle soars on a thermal, or spying a skunk as it ambles away from your campsite (thank goodness!). Our wild creatures are precious.

Silhouette of a moose before the reflection of a pink and blue sky on the water, shoreline

From the grandest to the tiniest, the province’s wildlife finds a home and haven at Ontario Parks. With a mandate to protect our parks forever, building your own legacy though a gift to Ontario Parks might be a perfect fit.

I want to ensure parks are here for the next generation.

Remember the first time you pointed out a trillium on a spring hike, or the tracks of a rabbit in the fresh snow to your grandkids? Remember their awe and delight when they heard the wolves howl in Algonquin the first time, or the call of a loon on a lake?

mother and son holding hands on beach

In those moments, you planted a seed: a love for nature that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. Your gift will help us nurture that seed.

How to give

Legacy giving is simple to arrange. Just reach out to us at

We can discuss with you where you want your donation to go. Do you want it to benefit the parks system in general, or direct it to your favourite park or program?

We also want to say thank you – even though we hope we won’t receive your gift for quite some time!

Already discussing us with your lawyer? Our legal name is “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario (Ontario Parks),” and our Registered Number is 124668666 RT0004 (*note: we aren’t a registered charity, but — per the Canadian Revenue Agency — we can issue official donation receipts in Canada).

What will your legacy be?

Your time at Ontario Parks helped make you, you.

Grundy Lake sunset

Like a precious family heirloom, Ontario’s provincial parks are meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

That’s the power your legacy has.

Please consider making a legacy gift to support our Ontario Parks and help us keep our promise to the next generation.