The Nature Playbook

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Just as the plays in a coach’s playbook spark movement and bring the team together, the Nature Playbook is designed to inspire action — bringing Canadians into the nature game!

Nature’s good for us

Like Healthy Parks, Healthy People, the Nature Playbook reminds Canadians that nature is good for our health.

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Connecting a new generation with nature is a complex challenge, so where do we start?

The Nature Playbook comes from the belief that no single person, policy, government department, organization, or program can do it alone. There are endless ways to connect with Nature, as many ways as there are people in the world.

The goal is to reach outside traditional spheres of parks and conservation, to share this message with a wider audience.

The Nature Playbook breaks down natural play into seven major strategies:

  1. Bring children into nature at an early age
  2. Find and share the fun in nature
  3. Use the urban gateway to nature
  4. Embrace technology
  5. Share cultural roots and ancestry in nature
  6. Seek out diverse partnerships
  7. Empower a new generation of leaders

Each strategy includes:

  • a Nature Play: an action that gets you or other people outside
  • a Quick Play: an easy activity that can be done anywhere
  • a Signature Play: an inspiring program in Canada
  • Playing it Forward: brainstorming bold new ideas
page from Playbook: quick play for rainy days
This is the “Quick Play” for Strategy #1: Bring children into nature at an early age

The Nature Playbook provides all sorts of options, encouraging each of us to find a personalized way to engage with the natural world.

Whoever and wherever you are in Canada, the Nature Playbook is an invitation to discover your unique way to connect with nature.

Make a play for nature todaykids looking up parks on computer

Download your free copy of the Nature Playbook or join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #NatureForAll.

Ready to plan your next play? Use the “Plan Your Play” template to map out your next nature adventure!