Join our community of science

We’ve made the switch from citizen science to community science.

Here at Ontario Parks, we love it when our visitors can get involved in science.

From iNaturalist to Bumblebee Watch, eBird, bioblitzes, and more, volunteers help us to collect important information about our parks.

These efforts help us to understand how plant and animal populations are changing over time, and help us to discover previously unknown populations of rare species. They also allow us to react quickly if someone discovers an invasive species in a new area.

We’re all in this together

You may have heard us use the term “citizen science” in the past. The terms citizen science and community science are both meant to acknowledge the important work that volunteers do in our parks.

Birding checklists help parks know what avian species you’re seeing, and they also help scientists understand population trends and migration patterns

We want to show our appreciation for our community of volunteers in every way we can, and one small part of that is acknowledging that we welcome all of you.

Whether you’re a citizen, resident, or visitor, we welcome everyone to appreciate what parks have to offer and to participate in helping us understand them.

The word “community” is also representative of the relationship we want to foster with our science-enthusiasts.

Many community science efforts involve everyone learning from one another, improving our collective knowledge and connection to this incredible province.

We truly are a community that values learning and sharing.

inaturalist leader boards
Want to help your favourite park move up in the iNaturalist rankings? Snap a photo the next time you visit, and upload it using the app!

If you’ve already joined the ranks of those collecting and sharing important park data, we sincerely thank you.

And if you haven’t yet taken the plunge into the world of community science, we would love for you to join us.