Winter is the best time for sunset-lovers

Winter skies aren’t known for their colour.

While a crisp layer of snow will brighten any landscape, we associate the colder months with dreary grey clouds.

It’s not just in our heads; winter does come with fewer clear days.

During the colder months, the upper atmosphere is often warmer than the air at ground level. These air masses are very stable since air only rises when it is warmer than the air above it. Without the mixing caused by rising air, clouds spread smoothly across the sky, obscuring our view of the sun and stars.

But when wind breaks the clouds apart, we are often treated to some truly spectacular skies.

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Winter adventures at MacGregor Point

If you haven’t explored a snow-covered MacGregor Point Provincial Park, you don’t know what you’re missing!

The ice skating trail is the premier winter attraction, but MacGregor Point also offers skiing, snowshoeing, camping and other winter fun!

Get the latest capacity updates here:

We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions and top tips for planning your visit:

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Checking off new winter experiences at Silent Lake

Today’s post comes from year-round multispecies angler and writer Ashley Rae of, as she recounts her 2017 trip to Silent Lake.

I think any angler will agree that it’s nearly impossible to sleep while experiencing the anticipation of an upcoming fishing trip. This was the case for me and my friend Lori, who joined me on a recent adventure to Silent Lake Provincial Park.

This trip was especially exciting as Lori was chasing her first Lake Trout, and we would be exploring a new body of water. We were also looking forward to staying in a yurt, something neither of us had experienced.

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The best winter day trips (if you live in Toronto)

Living in Toronto can make nature feel a million miles away. This is especially true in the winter, when the closeness of the buildings, the busy streets, and the slush limit the best that winter has to offer – tranquility, wide-open spaces blanketed in snow, and room to play.

In truth, however, the natural world is never too far away. Several provincial parks are open all winter and offer easy day visits for city-dwellers.

Here are some of the top parks near Toronto you need to check out this winter:

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Where to skate in Ontario Parks

The air is crisp and clean. The evergreens are covered with snow. If you’re lucky – and observant – you might spot a cardinal, a finch, a waxwing or a blue jay as you glide along the ice.

And when the sun goes down, you can huddle around a big bonfire with a cup of hot chocolate and warm up before relacing your skates and heading back out to skate under the stars.

It’s simply magical.

This winter, plan a skating trip to these four provincial parks:

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Eyes on the skies – February

Welcome to the Ontario Parks “Eyes on the Skies” series. This “space” will cover a wide range of astronomy topics with a focus on what can be seen from the pristine skies found in our provincial parks.

The month of February brings the promise of both warmer weather and clearer skies. So grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, bundle up, and spend the day outdoors.

And when the sun goes down and the stars start to shine, don’t forget to head back out to enjoy the season’s beautiful night skies!

Here are our astronomical highlights for February:

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February’s digital download

Looking for an adventure? There’s “snowhere” better to explore than our natural spaces!

We guarantee you’ll have an “ice” day!

This month’s digital download features the ultimate winter destination: Killarney Provincial Park!

Throughout 2022, we’re sharing a free downloadable graphic for you to use as wallpaper for your favourite devices. We’ve specially sized these images for your computers, tablets, smartphones, and Facebook covers.

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