Cheers to reforestation!

Great work everyone! Field Guide and hats are now SOLD OUT, with a portion of every purchase supporting reforestation work at Balsam Lake!

If you’re keen to support reforestation at Balsam Lake, please consider donating directly!

Ontario Parks and Collective Arts are brewing up a tasty ecological reforestation project for Balsam Lake Provincial Park this summer!

Field Guide is a special run of IPA inspired by the beauty and abundance of Ontario’s natural spaces.

Not sure how a new IPA is helping our forests? Read on!

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Be an invasive species fighter! Clean, drain, dry your boat

Today’s post comes from our friends at the Invasive Species Centre.

Ontario is home to wonderful lakes, rivers and streams. Unfortunately, some of these waterways are home to aquatic invasive species such as Zebra or Quagga Mussels.

These species can be spread from one waterbody to another through watercraft that have not been properly cleaned, drained and dried between uses.

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Park etiquette for your first RV trip

New to RVing in parks? You’re not alone!

With over 19,000 car camping sites at Ontario Parks, there’s new adventurers getting into the RV game every year.

With help from our friends at Wayfarer Insurance Group, we’ve compiled a few unwritten RV rules to know before your first road trip:
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Shell-ebrate Ontario’s turtles with our new merchandise line

Last spring, we asked you to help us protect Ontario’s eight turtles species, all of which are species at risk.

With just one year of the Turtle Protection Project under our belts, staff are already seeing amazing results.

This year, we’re excited to debut a new way to support turtle conservation in Ontario Parks: our Turtle Protection Project merchandise line.

Let’s take a look at how you can help Ontario’s turtles AND look good while doing it.

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The “Nature Snoopers”: a legacy in photos

Special thanks to Kandyd Szuba, a family friend of the Meissners, who helped donate the Meissner’s photo collection to Ontario Parks and contributed to this article.

Meet the “Nature Snoopers.”

To their friends, Erwin and Annie Meissner were the “Nature Snoopers.” Everywhere they went, they were “nature snooping” – down every back road and down every hiking trail, they would be on the lookout for new discoveries.

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A beginner’s guide to snowshoeing

This winter, outdoor activities are a great option to keep you happy and healthy. It’s the perfect time to try something new – like snowshoeing!

For any winter activity, planning ahead and a bit of research can go a long way to make sure your day is safe and fun!

So what does a beginner snowshoer need to know?

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How to dress for your winter adventure

When it comes to an outdoor excursion during the winter months, clothing can make or break your experience.

If you’re cold or wet it’s going to be much more difficult for you to enjoy your time in the outdoors. Making sure you’re properly outfitted for whatever weather comes your way is crucial. Here’s how to dress for a great day out in the snow!

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Why donate to Ontario Parks?

Did you know only a small portion of Ontario Parks’ budget comes from provincial taxes? In fact, the vast majority of operational funding comes from day-use and camping fees, rentals, partnerships, and the support of our generous donors.

Our donors give for many reasons. Ontario’s provincial parks are places of treasured memories, family traditions, connections with nature, and cultural landmarks.

That’s why we reached out to some recent donors to find out their reasons for supporting Ontario Parks. Here’s what they told us:

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