Campsite vacancy highlights: July 1-3

Is there a better way to celebrate the birth of Canada than reveling in its natural beauty and tranquility during a weekend camping trip? We sure can’t think of anything that can top that.

Especially since the weather looks great this weekend AND it’s not too late to book a campsite! Also, many of our parks will be hosting Canada Day events. 

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Campsite vacancy highlights: June 10-12

Spring is a great time to score your perfect campsite. Across Ontario, most parks still have a good selection of sites available for the weekend, for tent and RV campers alike!

Scout out your ideal campsite on our Campsite Browsing/Reservation tool (including pictures of most campsites!), or check out these featured campsites (available as of noon, June 9):

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American Eels in Voyageur

Government agencies of both Ontario and Quebec, as well as hydropower producers,  Canadian Wildlife Federation, the Algonquin’s of Ontario, and other stakeholders are working together to restore the American eel (Anguilla rostrate) within its historic range in Ontario waters. Earlier this summer, over 400 juvenile eels (yellow eel) were collected from the eel-ladder at Hydro-Quebec’s Beauharnois Generating Station in Quebec and released in the Ottawa River at Voyageur Provincial Park. This marked the first assisted passage of American eel into the Ottawa River, and the beginning of a long journey to help restore populations of eel in the Ottawa River Watershed.

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Invasive species on the run thanks to corporate sponsors like Swish, MEC

As the caretaker of some of the most beautiful, unspoiled, yet in some cases threatened, natural wonders in Canada, Ontario Parks has taken an innovative approach towards achieving greater environmental sustainability and enhancing visitor experiences.

By partnering with private industry (companies such as Swish Maintenance, a manufacturer and distributor of sanitation and maintenance supplies, and outfitter Mountain Equipment Co-op, for example), Ontario Parks has been able to leverage the combined brainpower and resources of both entities and achieve some pretty cool results.


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