Fall colours at Algonquin Provincial Park

cars at Algonquin

Algonquin fall colours are breathtaking to behold.

But take a look at this photo; clearly, our secret’s out.

At peak times during the fall season, the line-ups on Highway 60 can stretch over 3 km!

So if you’d like to enjoy the wonder of Algonquin’s autumn, or you’re looking for some solitude, read on.

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Fall RVing in southeastern Ontario

Camping doesn’t always have to involve driving a far distance to pitch a tent.

RVing allows you to experience the beauty of Ontario’s fall colours with more of the comforts of home.

In southeastern Ontario, there are many great RVing opportunities nearby. You can find your adventure by RV at several different parks close to city centres and along major travel routes.

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The Milky Way Galaxy

On a clear dark summer or winter night, you can see a cloudy band of light traversing the sky.

This light is known as the Milky Way.

The Milky Way actually has nothing to do with dairy. Instead, it’s the term for the light of hundreds of millions of stars that are so far away we cannot see them as individual points of light. Instead, we see their combined glow as a fuzzy, glowing band of light.

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Eyes on the skies — September, 2017

Welcome to the Ontario Parks “Eyes on the Skies” series. This will cover a wide range of astronomy topics with a focus on what can be seen from the pristine skies found in our provincial parks.

Many people consider September to be the finest month of the year to enjoy Ontario’s outdoors.

The bugs have all but left and the daytime temperatures are cooler, making the weather ideal for strenuous activities such as hiking or canoeing. To top it off, the leaves begin their beautiful transition through the colours of fall.

With the much shorter days, the nighttime skies are full of celestial splendors that we hope you will enjoy discovering in this edition of Eyes on the Skies.

Here are our astronomical highlights for September 2017:

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Fall fishing in northeastern Ontario

The air gets nippy, the leaves start to change, and keen anglers start packing up their gear for a northern escape.

Itching for some fall fishing in northeastern Ontario? Add these seven parks to your list:

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Grilled fall salad with ribeye steak

This summer, we joined forces with the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Butternut Productions to create some “tasty” new videos with some Feast On chefs (Feast On recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown/made food and drink).

Planning a fall camping trip? You’ll DEFINITELY want to try this crowd favourite!

For this video recipe, we joined Chef Lucan Sutherland at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Lucan discovered his love for cooking during childhood camping trips, and still loves cooking over the campfire.

We fell in love with the flame-grilled veggies and juicy ribeye steak, and we’re pretty sure you will too…

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Autumnal campfire fare

In today’s post, Chef Deb Rankine, a.k.a. The Fridge Whisperer, shares recipes for two hardy seasonal soups that are quick to make and eat like a meal.

After a day of paddling, exploring trails, or hiking through forests awash in fall colours, who wouldn’t relish bowlfuls of goodness that warm mind, body and soul?

Here are a couple of hardy soups that do just that!

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Highlights of Ontario Route – Ottawa/Algonquin/Toronto

Planning a cross-province adventure? Check out the Ontario Parks Driving Routes.

A very popular route with overseas travellers as it provides a sampling of highlights of Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa and Algonquin Provincial Park.

This is a spectacular route in the fall!

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