Campsite vacancy highlights: September 24-26

Well WATT do you know? We have electrical sites available across the province!

No matter where you go, you’ll find a hook up waiting for you, including at a few roofed accommodations!

Scout out your ideal campsite on our reservation service (including pictures of most campsites!), or check out these featured campsites (available as of noon on September 23, 2021):

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How the 30×30 Challenge helped me find calmness and connection

Ro Nwosu (WildRoga) is a yoga teacher, trainer, and fitness educator known for her infectious laugh and out-of-the-box thinking to get people moving.

August is when I usually arrange the last of my summer plans and start looking forward to fall.

This year I had a busy start to the summer, so I was craving a routine. Sometimes knowing where to start can be difficult, especially after moving to a new town and getting settled in.

Ontario Parks challenged me to make nature a habit this August by spending 30 minutes outside for 30 days for the Healthy Parks Healthy People 30×30 Challenge.

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Darlington’s daring wetland restoration

In today’s post, Zone Ecologist Corina Brdar shares the exciting restoration story that’s been unfolding at Darlington Provincial Park.

There’s nothing like seeing an idea turn into reality, is there?

Especially when the idea is an enormous one, and it takes tons of cooperation from all kinds of players.

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The amazing journey of Ontario’s provincial tree

What is it about White Pine? No other tree species in Ontario seems to inspire as much reverence and passion.

The history of White Pine is deeply intertwined with the history of people in Ontario. It has been an important species for Indigenous people for millennia, played a huge role in establishing Ontario’s cities, and has faced some tough challenges, including one that led to one of our province’s most amazing ecological restoration stories.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves — let’s start at the beginning!

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How to plan your day trip to Mono Cliffs

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is a popular place.

It offers excellent hiking and scenic views, hosts a portion of the Bruce Trail, protects many rare cliff-dwelling species, and is a fall colours hot spot.

The crowds being drawn to this small park are growing, so it is important to plan your visit carefully.

We’re counting on people to be respectful of the park and of one another, so read on to find our suggestions on how to avoid the busiest times and keep this natural gem protected:

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Honouring Quetico: my experience as an Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence Program at Quetico Provincial Park provided two weeks of rest, peace, inspiration, and creativity at the artist’s studio on French Lake. In today’s post, Jennifer Caie shares her experience as Quetico’s Artist in Residence in June and July of 2019.

Arriving at the studio, I was exhausted and worn out by the stresses of life.

After unloading my art supplies from the car, I just sat down in an overwhelming calmness.

The scene was peaceful.

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What it’s like to be a maintenance worker

Ever relaxed at a new picnic table? Tossed your trash in an empty garbage bin? Strolled along a freshly repaired boardwalk?

Thank a maintenance worker.

Our dedicated team of maintenance staff works hard to keep our parks in top shape, so that our visitors can relax and enjoy their vacations.

Here are six things they’d like you to know about working maintenance:

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Accessible locations to view fall colours

As the cold weather hits, opportunities to view a stunning array of fall colours are popping up around the province.

Ontario Parks is committed to making our parks as accessible as possible for visitors. If you’re planning a trip, we’ve rounded up a list of parks with accessibility features that are perfect for viewing the beauty of fall.

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Lake land playgrounds

Today’s post comes from Emily Wright, a Discovery Leader at Grundy Lake Provincial Park. The park’s campground is surrounded by three crystal-clear lakes, and that rich biodiversity inspired Emily to take us on an aquatic tour of Ontario’s lakes and some of the complex life cycles contained within, from hard-working microbe clean-up crews to feisty Small-mouth Bass.

Cannonballing into a refreshing lake, casting a line hoping for the “big one,” dipping your paddle into serene waters, or simply enjoying the shifting lights dancing across the water’s surface on a sunny day…

Lakes offer us a plethora of enjoyment, both invigorating as you take a brisk swim, or peaceful and relaxing as you watch a sunset turn the waters from blue-green to wine red.

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